Genetics: Landrace from Orissa (E. India)
Source: via a member of The Landrace Team
Latitude: 20° N
Elevation: 0 – 1550 m.a.s.l.
Height: up to 3 metres
Veg: 16-20 weeks
Flower: 16-20 weeks
Phenotypes: 5
Yield: High
Aromas:  sweet guava, palo santo, acid grapes and incense
Taste: incense and woody
Effects: creative, meditative, psychoactive, feelings of wellbeing
Characteristics: humidity and extreme weather resistant
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor


Wild sativa of vigorous and accelerated growth that reaches up to 3 meters or more in optimal conditions, adapted to a humid tropical climate, cultivated east of India. The vigour, the resistance to humidity and the extreme conditions of rain and heat characterize this beautiful and slender sativa with aromas of Palo Santo (Bransera Graveolens), acids grapes and incense.

The Orissa Gold sativa since its first stages of growth starts in a vigorous form of large and elongated leaves, a vegetative stage of 16 and 20 weeks with perfect symmetrical conical structures with plenty of foliage with leaves of 9 leaflets in their vast majority, some are of 7 leaflets. Some show green stems, some reddish some scarlet  and some, in their last stage of flowering,  look almost black.

When  rubbing them you’ll smell green guavas. The stems are medium but of a very resistant fiber, some plants reach a diameters of 5 centimeters: We have seen  5 phenotypes, all big and beautiful producers, some with petioles of a reddish and purple colours. The bloom takes from 16 and 20 weeks too.
Orissa Gold  is a plant full of beautiful resinous flowers. There is a phenotype that produces flowers that are of clear green, almost white. Creative, meditative, psychoactive effects, feelings of  well-being with flavours of incense and wood. These plants have been grown from 0 to 1550 metres above sea level growing without problems and resisting different climates of both monsoon rains and extreme heat and high humidity.The Orissa Gold has a high pest resistance.