Genetics:  Acapulco Gold
Latitude:  16° N
Elevation: 1500 – 2600 m.a.s.l.
Height: 150 – 250 cm
Vegetative: 16-20 weeks
Flowering: 12-17 weeks
Aromas: musky,minty,menthol,fruity,spicy,floral,earthy
Taste: Fruity, minty, fragrant and long-lasting, penetrating
Effects:  Potent, psychoactive, euphoric, lysergic
Yield: medium-high
Phenotypes:  6
Characteristics: humidity and wind resistant. Conical structure
Grow type: outdoors, greenhouse,indoors


Legendary and classic sativa from Mexico from the state of Guerrero with subtle spicy, earthy  minty, fruity and floral aromas, productive and highly resistant to humidity and air currents.They grow in a moderate, non-accelerated way, in the end you will be rewarded by the pleasant aromas, production and quality of the flowers, effect and power.

The vegetative stage of this legendary sativa from Acapulco goes from  16 to up to 20 weeks, during which time it forms many branches with medium internodal spaces. When you rub the branches you will get an  intense musky smell. The stems  are thick and some will turn purple and reddish. Thin branches, light green foliage with leaves with 7 and 9 leaflets.

Flowering takes from 12  to 17 weeks, during which time it forms beautiful colas with very pretty light yellowish green flowers and a good amount of resin, large calyxes and brown stigmas giving a very interesting velvety finish and in its last stage of flowering the flowers acquire a brilliant green and whitish colours  of very good appearance in the structure and in everything in general.

Productive with intense fruity, spicy, earthy and menthol aromas. The taste is fragrant and long-lasting on the palate. Its fruity and mint touches give a pleasure to the throat, the production is high. We have observed 6 phenotypes, all with conical structure or some more bushy with a central cola.
The height of these plants goes from 150 to 250 cm, in optimal conditions you will obtain a good amount of thick resin and pleasant penetrating aromas.