Genetics: Ko Tao (KD) – Surat Thani province
Type: Landrace (probably mixed with skunk and backcrossed)
Latitude: 10 N
Sowing month: July
Harvest month: December
Height: 1.5 – 2 metres
Smell: amnesia haze/floorclaner(pinesol),leathery
Flavour: haze type of flavour
Grow type: outdoors, greenhouse, indoors
Characteristics: stable line, killer smoke, some pink flowers


We have sourced the KD seeds from a local grower in Ko Tao who received the seeds directly from Lung Dam (Black Uncle) KD. Lung Dam (Black Uncle) is a famous Thai grower from the the island of Koh Tao. It is a good stable Thai hybrid at least that’s what we think it is. Very Thai-like presenting but it was probably first a skunk1 hybrid.
The flower is very Haze-like. The cured bud smelled like Amnesia Haze or some sort of floor cleaner with some pine scent in it. In any case KD from Ko Tao is a killer smoke. The story we heard is that Lung Dam went to Holland in the early 90’s got his skunk1 for sensi seeds.

We don’t see any evidence of that in the flowers now so we assume it’s been selected since for Thai dominant traits. It doesn’t herm as easily as pure Thais so that’s probably a result of the skunk or any other strain it was crossed to. The weed is excellent. Best Thai hybrid ever sampled so far. Very potent, very beautiful euphoric high. These seeds came directly from a Thai grower who got the seeds directly from Lung Dam. It’s called KD for Koh Dam, after Lung Dam the famous Thai grower and breeder. The smell of the fresh flowers is leathery.

After a month cure in the jar it smelled very much like amnesia haze, like piney floor cleaner. We honestly don’t see the skunk in the plants except for maybe the sexual stabilization and the reduced flowering times which are, anyway, around 14 weeks. We think it would best be described as a Thai back cross. We have acquired a good amount of seeds. These are sown in July and plants harvested in December. Height of the plants vary between 1.5 – 2 metres (5-6 ft). Tastes like a good haze.

The story we hear from local people, who in turn heard it from Lung Dam himself is that he went to Holland to source seeds to stabilize and make the Koh Tao more productive in terms of resin. It is a sativa-dominant strain that delivers a very potent and uplifting high. Perfect during the day with its energizing and creative effects, making it a great strain for those for those who need a boost of motivation, inspiration and energy. The effects are mainly cerebral providing a euphoric and uplifting high that will leave you feeling simply happy. If you feel depressed or with lack of motivation, we think this strain could do the trick.