Elevation: 1500-2300 m.a.s.l.
Height: 120-150 cm
Purpose: hash
Veg: 8-10 weeks
Flower: 55 days
Aromas: chewing gums,sour apples,cheeses,sour strawberry gas,loud solvent smell
Yield: high
Effects: potent and long-lasting,relaxing
Phenotypes: 4 (one is almost black with loud solvent smell)
Characteristics: drought resistant
Grow type: outdoor,indoors,greenhouse


This is the result of three uniquely slender and beautiful old school indicas; Pine Tar Kush (PTK) from Pakistan, Deep Chunk from  Afghanistan, and Kandahar from Afghanistan) are the ones that make up this beautiful genetics.

The PTK (Pine Tar Kush) is an exceptional, beautiful, resinous Pakistani plant with very wide, sharp and serrated leaves with 5 and 7 leaflets, thick stems, and pleasant aromas of apple and tangerines. The Deep Chunk hails from Afghanistan, whereas the PTK is from Pakistan. Both seed lines come from Tom Hill’s lineage. The “Deep Chunk is a legendary line from Afghanistan, very resinous with pleasant solvent aromas, strong sweet enamel.  Kandahar genetics is characterized by its sand-like way of producing resin, velvety-looking flowers and light in colour with a pleasant sweet-woody aroma.

These plants grow with great  vigour, wide leaves, thick stems and thick petioles. They have a vegetative stage of 8 to 10 weeks maximum with structures of towers, producing buds with abundant resin and small stigmas, pleasant aromas of chewing gum, sour apples and various types of cheese.

There are 4 phenotypes. Some are colourful and resinous. Very beautiful and interesting.  The plants reach a height of 120 to 150 centimitres. They have been cultivated from 1500 to 2300 metres above sea level. The harvest of these plants is high and also with abundant resin, some with large sandy trichomes, high resistance to pests, diseases and extreme droughts. The effect is powerful and long-lasting relaxing without being sedative.


My results… Didn’t see this in your pheno type list so a nice surprise! She had a sour strawberry gas smell. There is another pheno that is almost black! This one is also beautiful and has the LOUD solvent smell, the high is the best Indica ever, dreamy without couch lock. love your crossese! Keep up the great breeding!


The Landrace Team has a winner here with this triple Indica cross!! Some really nice phenos to hunt for further breeding. From gassy sour strawberry to Mr. Clean terps and colors galore, “especially the pink stigma one” really impressed the Landrace Team and myself included.  The plants had very nice branching and stacking, strong branches and took the HST and LST in stride. The buds were a bit leafy but full of sugar coatings, Now for the smoke review! I didn’t expect that the body would come on before the head but it did, a strong relaxed feeling overtook me then snap! my head was in a great space, focused not drowsy, no couch lock with this baby, was a smooth ride from start to finish, really can say there was not any heaviness but a relaxed feeling. One of the best if not the best pure Indicas out here. Thank you to the Landrace Team