Genetics: Greek kalamata Red landrace  drug cultivar
Sourcing: Delicorganic’s Greek landrace collection, alagonian bud
Purpose: Bud
Latitude: 37° N
Elevation: 600-800m
Grow type: Outdoor, Greenhouse, indoors
Regional Harvest: End of October – Early November
Height: 3,5 – 5 meters in optimal conditions (natural outdoor environment)
Outdoor Yield: 600-750g of dried flowers per plant in natural outdoor environment
Flowering: 11 to 13 weeks, starting flowering  early August in Greece
Yield: Medium yielder, moderate-high levels of THC 13-17%
Aromas: penetrating hashy,cedarwood,woody,floral,lemon/lime,thyme,rose,jasmine, oregano
High: highly euphoric and motivating, enhance creativity, some trippy and laugh attacking high.
Flower Characteristics: Several phentotypes showing green/gold  flowers, some phenos show deep red hue on the flowers.

Kalamata red  is more close to NLD cannabis varieties. You will find phenotypes with similar plant Structure(sativa dominancy), stable abundance of trichomes and penetrating  hashy  terpenes. They are plants with long internodal spacing which  in optimal condition  can reach up to 5 – 6 meters high. They show very high resistance to insects, mold and very hot  climate and  they don’t require heavy nutrients. It’s enough a  rich organic soil for them to thrive. Kalamata red is an undomesticated sativa looking plant with old school hash plant characteristics, earthy terpenes, loads of trichomes and a gorgeous, motivating,energetic high.

As with most landraces and heirloom strains expect a small percentage(below 5%) of plants that express intersex traits. The main aroma is an undefined, powerful and penetrating earthy and hashy smell and taste of lemon with woody undertones, all in harmony with each other. The best part is that the flavor lingers in your mouth and all the way down your throat , making the taste in your mouth more important than anything else.  In terms of the high the dominant characteristics are creativity, euphoria and energy for the first two joints, and while up to that point it seems like a clear daytime sativa, for biking and drawing.

At the third and fourth joint you realize that apart from that first “blast” your head gets from the first “dimension” of the high to a whole new “dimension” that comes on softly but steadily, joint after joint. Your body becomes lighter and you get in a laid back mood for improvised fictional stories and music creations. The first generation seeds  of Kalamata red  were handpicked  by our oldest member bio-grower and breeder  “delicorganic” 15  years ago from a family  that was living close to  an isolated  village, named Alagonia at Messinia, on 800 meters above sea leve. That family was growing and preserving this genetics for up to 25 years. Many members  of this family  have passed years in prison and now this village is almost abandoned.