Genetcs: Zambezi (Zambia/Malawi border)
Latitude: 12° S
Altitude: 1000 m.a.s.l.
Height: between 150 to 270 centimetres
Vegetative: 12-17 weeks
Flowering: 13-16 weeks
Effects: Potent,psychoactive,very clean,clear-headed,bright,long lasting
Aromas: Jesuit’s tea,floral,citrus,sweets and candy,green tangerines,cat piss,ammonia,musky
Taste: fruity and woody
Characteristics: Lower branches start flowering before the rest
Grow type: Outdoor, greenhouse and indoor

The plants of the Zambezi sativas are pointy and elongated and full of multiple branches in most of its phenotypes, a dark red colour almost scarlet in the stems, this is one of the most noticeable characteristics in these plants, the potency and the resin with strong and accentuated aromas of Jesuit’s tea (Dysphania ambrosioides).The sativas from Zambezi grow in a vigorous way from the very beginning, developing  leaves and branches rapidly, some of their stems are velvety dark red and with very sweet aromas when rubbing them.

The internodal spaces range from 5 to 20 cm in its low branches . Their foliage is not as abundant which allows  the lower branches to grow and look lush from bottom to top. We have seen four phenotypes among them. One of them is small like a bush  and others more conical and tall. The bushy pheno doesn’t mean indica in absolute.

The leaves are large and narrow of a beautiful yellow light green. Most of them are composed of 7 leaflets, some leaves in the middle part of the plant are of 9 elongated and thin leaflets whereas the bush-shaped plants tend to form greater amount of leaves in all their lower  branches. The tallest phenotypes reach heights of between a minimum of  150 to 270 centimetres in optimal conditions.

When flowering starts  the symmetrical growth of the main stem and the entire plant in general is lost, taking a broken structure that expands by about 20 to 30 centimetres, which results in pretty colas full of sativa flowers. The flowering goes from a minimum of 13 weeks to 16 weeks giving  a lot of aerated flowers with a good amount of trichomes, medium-sized calyxes and fruity aromas.

There is a very peculiar phenotype that starts its bloom in the low branches while its main apical bud is in  its vegetative for 4 more weeks. This the only  we have seen with these characteristic in a bush-shaped phenotype. The aroma that most comes out of these plants in all the phenotypes is the Jesuit’s tea (Dysphania ambrosioides), floral, citrus, sweets and candy green tangerines.  The taste is fruity and woody at the same time. Clean psychoactive effect of long duration