Genetics: N.Korean cannabis cultivar
Sourcing: The Landrace Team via genebank
Provenance: Rinsan county, North Hwanghae province
Elevation: 1600 m.a.s.l.
Latitude: 38°N
Height: from 80 to 200 centimetres
Vegetative: 8 to 12 weeks max.
Flowering: 8 to 10 weeks max
Aromas: humid forest, pine, soft mint and lemon grass
Effect: Soft psychoactive,clear-headed,energetic of short duration no traces of heaviness
Phenoypes: 3
Characteristics: fast flowering, disease and pest resistant
Grow type: outdoor,greenhouse,indoor


Unmatched genetics, unmistakable, its precociousness in all its stages puts it on a pedestal of the lines with faster sativas expressions  that we have encountered at The Landrace Team. Great vigour, beautiful and special tool for the breeding of genetics with resistance to diseases and pests, overall vigour, great height and fast flowering. The plants smell of humid forests, pine trees and mint. Some phenotypes are interesting for new-lines  programs of hemp  for their quality of fiber reaching great heights  in a short time. These cannabis plants from N. Korea are a real treasure worthy to be explored.

Cannabis of N. Korea – Rinsan County – North Hwanghae Province (1988) germinates fast and emerges to light at great speed developing  the first medium-sized leaves in a very short time forming a seedling in just 8 days with two pairs of leaves. The stem is thick and robust.  The internodal spaces descend from 3, 5,10, 15 and 20 cm. Gigant leaves of of 20 cm or more with  5,7 and 9 thin leaflets  and long widths with similarities to the Thai Mountain variety  with the difference that this N.Korean  goes much faster with similarities in the shape of the leaves.

The aroma of the stems when rubbing them is disgusting and of cut grass Robust thick stems, thin branches. The vegetative stage takes 8 weeks. 12 weeks maximum. It shows 3 very noticeable variations both in leaves shape and structure.  Some are bushy with abundant foliage and others  with little foliage and tall. They reach heights of 2 meters quickly under optimal conditions. Some grow between 80,100 and 150cm.

The flowering of these slender and fast  plants takes 8 weeks for most phenotypes, other 10 weeks maximum. During flowering  they form beautiful flower tails of thin,slender spiky structure and large calyxes that end with gingery yellowish hues. The structure of the flowers is the same as the one of wheat.

Aromas of wet forest, pine, soft mint and lemon grass. Soft psychoactive effect, energetic of short duration without leaving traces of heaviness or lethargy or laziness. Clear-headed effect.
Recommended for its sativa genes, vigorous, fast, reaching great heights in a short time, a treasure within our lines. Thanks to those who have helped preserve these genetics that will so much help today and tomorrow the scientific research.

Recommended by its rapid vigorous sativa genes and that reaches great height in a short time, a treasure within our lines, thanks to all (you can name someone who gave them) those who have helped to preserve these genes that will both help today The new industry and scientific research.
These plants are originally coming from the Rinsan county located in the North Hwanghae province, cultivated in a cooperative specializing in the cultivation of medicinal plants.