Genetics: Landrace from Shan state in Myanmar
Latitude: 21 N
Elevation: 1500 m.a.s.l. (5000 ft)
Height:  2.5 – 3 and more metres outdoors (10 ft)
Veg:  13-16 weeks
Flowering:  14-16 weeks
Aromas: passion fruit, lemon cane, banana passion fruit
Flavor: fruity
Effects: psychoactive, euphoric, long lasting
Yield: medium high
Phenos:  7
Characterisrtics: resinous,wild structure
Grow type: outdoors,greenhouse,indoors



Myanmar Shan Sativas are equipped to resist extreme  conditions with strong air currents and lack of nutrients. We have seen them grown in lands with very limited nutrients in the soil, compact substrates and few nutrients where they have come out ahead with good production and are healthy plants.

These Sativa are stylized with thin and large leaves with a nice conic structure, medium-sized internodal spaces, medium-high production with airy flowers and  thin serrated leaves. It is a sativa with thin, compact and resinous flowers that smell like green banana passion fruit, lemon cane and passion fruit.  It has a fruity and fragrant flavor that lasts a few seconds on your palate and some woody flavors will make you feel how old and special this Sativa genetic line from Myanmar is.

This line demands very few nutrients, grows extremely slender and giant in optimal conditions. High resistance to fungi and pests. A true sativa gem, pure, legendary, and authentic from Myanmar that must be preserved.