Genetics: Uzbek hash plant
Region: Tashkent region, Yangiyul district
Latitude: 41°N
Elevation: 350 m.a.s.l
Flowering: between 8 to 10 weeks
Harvest: October in Uzbekistan
Height:  1.5 to 3 metres
Aromas: berry,menthol,lemon,mint,dill
Taste: stays on your tongue a long time after smoking
Effects: strong indica, body relax,narcotic,sedative
Yield: very generous
Phenos: 3
Purpose: Hash and bud
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor
Characteristics: Christmas tree. Dark blue and dark violet around the end of October


Plants growing wild and natural in Uzbekistan, Tashkent region from mostly unattended stands in the Yangiyul district. Few of the plants where they grow naturally are tended by local farmers for their personal consumption.

These are some very strong, hardy and durable  plants that will most probably turn dark violet, almost black around October. Abudant resin production, height varies, some reaching up to 3 metres if well tended, ie, good soil, regular watering and in a sunny spot. Very strong high, narcotic, sedative. The person (local) who collected the seeds reported his legs not responding (“I could not move my legs”)


In the veg phase, growth is fast, the internodes lengthen significantly. The plants do not form many branches and the structure is spacious and airy. Christmas tree shape. The branches are flexible and strong. It appears to be drought tolerant. The leaves are large and prominent with long petioles. The leaflets are significantly different from each other, so there are large gaps between them. They are rather wide, narrowing sharply towards the base of the plants.

The leaves are firm and appear waxed. Petioles of the leaves turn dark purple in some phenotypes. The buds are leafy, with lots of trichomes. The plants turn dark purple to almost black at the end of their life cycle. Suitable for oil and hash production. The resistance to borytris is average.

The smell during veg is not very noticeable which makes it ideal for growing it in your backyard. At the beginning of flowering, the scent is floral and sour citrus. Later, the plants develop aromas of mint, herbs and sweet fruits. The smoke is spicy but sweet and not pungent. Very smooth. No coughing.


Heavy and intense scent of herbs, mint and wood. The taste of aromatic oils is felt in the throat.
Effect: calming to stunning and stupefying, Chained to the couch. It works very well against pain and for those who find it hard to have a good night sleep.



I just harvested and smoked my small Uzbeki clone I grew under a tomato plant. It is more trippy than the the other Uzbeki (different pheno). Both Uzbekis I have tried so far seem more sativaish in their buzz. The first smells like cake batter. It shows very little red in leaves or stems unlike the other females. I would guess that this pheno is also a blend of canniboids as it relaxes you for about 6 hours!  One will still be feeling the body buzz when they light up the next time. Neither pheno seems too narcotic to me. The Uzbekis are unique. An ancient blend of strains gone slightly wild. The ancient hash makers knew their stuff. I have never experienced a strain such as the Uzbekis. Smooth, no harshness in the throat and no coughing.
Honestly, I will have to grow them a few more times before I understand them. The pistils have a bluish/ gray colour to them. They have a soft, furry appearance.