Genetics: Maruf Red (Afghanistan)
District: Maruf, S.E. Afghanistan
Latitude: 31 N
Elevation: 2000 m.a.s.l.
Sowing: March-April
Harvest: October
Height: short-medium
Flower: 10-12 weeks
Aromas: barbecued meat,dead animal,garlic,earthy,woody,fruity,floral,spicy,solvents
Taste: dill,earthy,garlic,meatball
Effects: sedative,narcotic,tranquillizing,relaxing,stoned,lazy
Yield: medium-high
Characteristics: short,bushy,little stretch in flower
Grow type: outdoors,greenhouse,indoors


Maruf is a district located in the province of  Kandahar in Afghanistan. The country has a long history of cannabis cultivation, and it is known for producing high-quality cannabis plants, particularly in regions like the Hindu Kush mountain range. The climate and soil conditions, combined with traditional farming knowledge, have contributed to the cultivation of cannabis in this area.

Afghanistan is known for its landrace cannabis strains, which are indigenous strains that have adapted to the local environment over generations. These landrace strains often have unique characteristics and are sought after by cannabis enthusiasts. The specific aroma, effects, and growing characteristics of cannabis plants in Maruf can vary depending on the local genetics, cultivation techniques, and environmental factors.

Short squat plants, ranging in flower time between 8-10 weeks (some going on for 12 weeks) with a chemical solvent barbeque as the most common and the dead animal being a more recessive trait. There are several phenotypes both in terpene profile and structure. There is one different in leaf structure, leaning towards a broader leaf afghan as opposed to the other pheno which has longer leaf fingers and a more serrated edge of leaf.

Tight internodal spacing with good branching, easy cloning. Vigorous growth, not slow. Minimal stretch in flower, maybe twice its height at finish. Good frost coverage and about mid range on foliage. Not too leafy. Maruf smoke tastes like it smells. Slight dill followed by earthiness with a lingering garlic, meatball end on the toke. Typical Afghan growth, short-medium height and bushy very low stretch in flower.

The buds are typically dense and compact, showcasing hues of deep green and sometimes even displaying reddish and purple undertones. The flowers are generously coated in a thick layer of resinous trichomes, giving them a glistening and sticky texture.

Red Maruf Pure delivers a potent and classic cannabis experience, characterized by its powerful and deeply relaxing effects. It is known for its indica-dominant qualities, inducing a deeply sedating and tranquilizing high. The strain’s effects are often described as deeply calming, soothing both body and mind. Red Maruf  is appreciated for its potential  to promote a state of deep relaxation, stress relief  and potentially aid with sleep-related issues. Due to its potent effects, Red Maruf is ideal for individuals dealing with chronic pain,muscle spams,insomnia etc. The strain’s calming and anxiety-reducing effects may also be beneficial for individuals managing stress, anxiety disorders, or PTSD.