Genetics: Duck foot
Latitude: 50 N
Height: up to 2 metres and more
Flower: 11-12 weeks
Aromas: sweet,pineapple,spicy,pepery
Flavour: mild,not harsh
Yield. high
Effects: uplifting,euphoric, relieves stress.No ceiling.
Characteristics: palmated leaves,mold and humidity resistant
Grow type: outdoor,guerrila,greenhouse,indoor


A strain that is stealth thanks to its webbed leaves. Leaflets are fused to each other and therefore the leaf does not resemble that of cannabis leaves. The stealth feature disappears during flowering. Due to its short nodal distance, the plant is compact. The branches are fleshy and flexible. They can be twisted and bent to the ground by their own weight already during the veg phase. Ducksfoot can be strongly smelled during veg and it could be a disadvantage in outdoor stealth growing, and it’s good to be aware of it and keep it in mind. They can stink.

Growth is vigorous. Leaves require quality nutrition, an imbalance of elements will quickly affect their condition. It requires a high-quality, well-fertilized substrate and sufficient irrigation. It reacts to fertilizing with rapid growth, another point to take into account if you don’t want to have big or tall plants.

Ducksfoot blooms for 11-12 weeks. An interesting feature is the slow start of male flowering. The buds are compact and the yield is high. The aroma of the buds is sweet but spicy with a little pepper.

NOTE: This variety was the least affected variety by mold and where i am is very humid and rainy and cold.

The smoke made me sneeze, the smell is sweet, reminds you of a well ripe pineapple. The taste is mild. The smoke is not harsh but heavy. The effects were uplifting, euphoric feelings, relieves stress. Each puff will increase the high. No ceiling.