Genetics: Mexican Red hair
Latitude: 17 N
Elevation 1500 m.a.s.l. (5000 ft)
Height: 130-150 cm
Veg: 10-14 weeks
Flower: 9-13 weeks
Phenotypes: 4
Yield: High
Aromas: woody,earthy
Taste: tea,lemon,aniseed
Effects: potent,psychoactive,motivating,mood enhancer,uplifting
Grow type: outdoor,greenhouse,indoor


The Mexican Red Hair sativa is characterized by its intense woody and earthy aromas with minimal notes of citrus and sweetness. It also smells of incense and is abundant with acrid aromas. The production is high with tea, lemon and aniseed flavor; the effect is extremely potent,  motivating and inspiring. Its name is due to the abundant manifestation of red  stigmas that end up a rusty orange/brown  and the flowers are dark green,orange and  brown when dry. Extremely resistant to extreme heat and humidity conditions, pests and fungi, very short vegetative stage and flowering. It is perfect for dry and sunny Mediterranean climates.

In the 1970s and 1980s, cannabis of Mexican origin was commercialized and it was going under the name “Red Hair”, referring to first-class premium cannabis due to its hairy and velvety appearance and its powerful psychoactive effect. It is also highly resistant to extreme conditions

Red Hair was cultivated in Oaxaca and southern Mexico. This Mexican sativa is of medium size and high production, its dark green tones characterize it and its vigor to grow. The stems of some smell of cat urine and disgusting. The vegetative stage goes from  10 to 14 weeks reaching a maximum height of 130-150 cm and acquiring a beautiful conical structure with fine and very very thin leaves and as the plant grows we have noticed the decrease in the width of the leaflets.  The flowering takes between 9 and 13 weeks maximum, which is a very short time for the this Mexican genetics. We have observed  4 phenotypes, all fast and productive, the flowers are compact for the majority of the  phenotypes but are not compact like an indica. The structure of the calyxes is loose. Some end with bluish and purple overtones.

The effect of Mexican Red Hair is powerfully motivating, it raises your spirits and lowers your temper, by saying this we are not referring to it being sedative, on the contrary, it is an active effect and it feels totally uplifting. These beautiful legendary sativas grow perfect in a sunny climate where they express all their brilliance and deep penetrating green.

The Mexican Red Hair is said to be a variety that brings together genes from Oaxaca, Sinaloa and Michoacán. What we know for sure is that this line that we offer comes from Oaxaca regardless of the fact that red hair phenotypes came out in Michoacán and Sinaloa, even the lines from Panama and Colombia were  called red hair because of its high quality but this is the authentic Oaxacan red hair.