Genetics: Thai Sativa from Doi Chang (Chiang Rai)
Elevation: 1550 – 2200 m.a.s.l. (5000 – 7000 feet)
Latitude: 19 N
Height: up to 4.5 metres outdoor (14 feet)
Veg: 12-16 weeks
Flowering: 13-16 weeks
Aromas: sweet mango, ripe red plums, verbena
Flavour: fruity,mango
Yield: Medium – High
Phenotypes: 8
Effects: psychoactive,clean,bright,long-lasting,meditative
Characteristics: wild structures,giant leaves,beastly stems,flowers smelling of mango and verbena.


Immerse yourself in the true genes of an authentic Thai sativa line. The size of this line is extreme and imposing, it is a plant that grows like a beast The stems and branches are vigorous, as are the leaves. The flowers have large calyxes, there is a phenotype that does not grow in a conical shape or in the shape of a bush.

This phenotype grows in the shape of a candle pine, in the shape of a tower. This phenotype is very special since all its leaves come together and point to the sky. The effect is powerful and long lasting, the flowers smell like “sweet mango” which is a variety of extremely sweet small mango with creamy notes. It also smells like adult verbena and ripe red plums.