Genetics: Brazilian from the Amazon
Latitude: 3° N
Elevation: from 10 to 2200 m.a.s.l.
Veg: 12-14 weeks
Flowering: 10-14 weeks
Height: from 100 to 180 cm. max
Aromas: pinacolada,passion fruit,cherry,sweet sandalwood,menthol,mango,roses,piss,mandarin,oranges,peach
Flavour: sweet and fruity,black cherry-ambrosia
Yield: medium – high
Phenotypes: 6 (2 are purple and liliac)
Effects: super high,electric, psychoactive, energetic, long lasting, lysergic
Characteristics: Fast flowering sativa,squatty,pest/mold resistant,
Purpose: medicine for menstrual pain and inflamation


Fast, short-flowering Sativa with a pleasant aroma of passion fruit, cherries and sweet sandalwood, a perfect strain for those sativa lovers who don’t want to wait. It is an incomparable genetics, the fastest sativa in South America, undoubtedly a gift of nature. Fast, productive, resistant, of great quality, which will provide you with unique medicine and smoke. Velvet aspect of unmistakable quality, resistant and powerful.

This line comes from various areas of the Amazon in Brazil in jungle places, cultivated for decades by local people who used it medically for inflammation, menstrual pain and recreationally. She is very special, she provides a very electric, psychoactive, energetic, even lysergic long-lasting effect, at the end (but only at the end) you feel a little sedated. It is a line with interesting levels of cbd too, medicine and high potency smoke.

We can have large elongated cotyledons, fairly thin leaves with 7 and 9 leaflets, short and medium internodal spaces, vegetative stage of 12 and 14 weeks, they show a very beautiful intense green, reaching a height of 100 cm to 120 cm in the vegetative stage, in flowering 150 cm and up to 180 cm for the tallest phenotypes.

The stems are thick, hollowed out and when you touch them they leave your fingers impregnated with menthol and disgusting aromas like Pentatomidae insects, semi-wide leaves in their first stages of growth, then they become thinner and more jagged. The flowering takes from 10 weeks to 14 weeks creating compact flowers full of orange, large and elongated stigmas, they are very productive with beautiful colas, resin formation and large trichomes that emanate a pleasant aroma of intense passion fruit, cherries and sweet sandalwood. The flavor is also intense, in the throat it feels sweet and fruity and lasts for several seconds

It is very resistant to humidity, despite the fact that its flowers are compact, it does not show traces of powdery mildew, brotitis, it is very resistant to humid climates, it is also very resistant to pests and diseases, these plants have been cultivated from 10 to 2200 meters above sea level growing without problems. It really is a gem, we can also find a very special purple phenotype that produces orange stigmas.

Squat bushy plants that we will probably start harvesting at the end of September, with a 9-10 week flower to max 14 weeks flower for the phenos that take longer.


The Brazil Amazonia is turning out to be one of the gems in our Landrace Botanical Garden this season…
Unlike most equatorial landrace varieties that express the long lanky sativa structure with a long flower period… the Amazonias are squat, bushy, early finishing power houses that uniformly finish with dense rock hard crystal coated floral smelling buds. The nose is deep intense floral, grapefruit, with a touch of ammonia cat piss kick to amplify the floral notes – this is not a light subtle nose – it is intense, and you can smell it from 10 feet away! Many phenos have magenta and pink hairs and others have white pistils that are now turning to orange and brown as they finish up.

The strong squat structure, incredible pest and mold resistance, and early finish are all very desirable traits for creating practical and agile production and hobby hybrids.


Smells like sour mangoes and roses. The effects are very tropical with a Brazil carnival vibe


9 SEPT 2023

It’s difficult here in the north. When the sunshine hours go down here, it can sometimes be really cold. And it rains a lot. Humidity during the day is 75% at night and especially in the morning when the first rays of sunshine come, we now have days of 84% humidity. I had 2 Indicas outside that started to flower later than the Brazilian ones. And they got moldy quickly. The Brazilian was not affected at all ! Slight yellow leaves but that’s my fault, the pot was too small and I didn’t fertilize much. I had to keep them as small as possible. The smell is very special, it smells very sweet, not at all herbal and not as “classic” as I know.  For me it’s already a special genetics!


Greetings from Germany. Lots of rain here and temperatures of 5-10 degrees. It rains every day and she doesn’t show any speck of mold!! Absolutely crazy!! My Pakistani is moldy everywhere. The Brazil Amazon is still there standing.
Only 1 week then I will harvest the seeds. I’m excited to see what comes out of these seeds. The Brazil seems to be getting ready her despite the horrible weather!


In the end I’ve been very impressed and surprisingly pleased with the Brazilian genetics, beautiful plants, great resin production, refreshing aromas and great resistance to humidity (i live in a very humid place with lots of rain).


The Brazil is very complex, fruity and skunky in fragrance and flavor.  It has a wonderful sativa high, which is relaxing as well as invigorating!


By far the skunkiest cannabis I have ever grown. When drying in my shed, the fragrance from this one plant could be picked up in the street 200 feet from its location. It has mellowed since curing, but can still overwhelm a car and clothing within minutes. The flavour is the most equisite black cherry-ambrosia I’ve ever experienced. I was blessed to receive 25 seeds from this plant. I will treasure and hopefully maintain this variety for the rest of my days. She’s a keeper!



Hardy, robust, resilient, early finishing sativa. Squat bushy type of structure but the actual flowers smell like pinacolada, coconut, pineapple, mango, super tropical fuity aromas. Really electric psychedelic sativa coming in a real squat structure and early finishing. Totally mould proof, bug proof. A real breeding tool as the plants finish by mid September with big chunky amazing beautiful flowers. Pure psychedelic, electric, real uplifiting energy in a bullet-proof structure.