Genetics: Calvinia
Sourced in Calvinia, S.Africa
Latitude: 31° S
Elevation: 1500 m.a.s.l.
Sowing season: September/October in S.Africa
Height: 1.2 – 1.8 m. in veg up to 220 cm in flower
Veg: 13-15 weeks
Flower: 14-16 weeks
Regional harvest: April/May in S.Africa
Aromas: grapefruit, anise, licorice, menthol, incense
Flavour: menthol and incense, subtle anise
Effect: euphoric, long-lasting, powerful, psychoactive
Phenotypes: 6
Yield: Medium
Characteristics: medium size, conical structure, high resistance to moisture, drought and pests
Grow type: outdoors, greenhouse, indoors

Calvinia is part of the Greater Karoo region of South Africa, the city is located in the southern Hantam Mountains on the banks of the Oorlogskloof river.These plants with a sativa archetype and structure are very interesting due to their short flowering cycles and their pleasant aromas of grapefruit, anise, liquorice and incense. High resistance to moisture, drought and pests.

This South African sativa with a vegetative stage of 13 to 15 weeks shows great resistance to extreme climates of heat that exceed 40°C, maintaining vigorous foliage without traces of mistreatment due to high temperatures and drafts, it is also resistant to climates with rainy conditions, pests and diseases, it is a beautiful sativa with enormous qualities worthy of being collected.

The size of Calvinia is medium, reaching in the vegetative stage a height that goes between  120 to 180 cm with an abundant light green foliage of thin, very serrated leaves of 8 leaflets, elongated petioles, medium internodal spaces with thick hollowed stems that, when rubbed, smell of citrus, fruits and a disgusting sweetness. We have observed 6 different phenotypes, all of them characterized by their conical structure.

The flowering of this beautiful South African sativa is copious and gives fairly compact resinous flowers with large calyxes that take 14 to 16 weeks to be ready, time in which it is dedicated to growing and thickening in an abundant and productive way, the flowers exude aromas of grapefruit, anise, licorice, menthol and incense. The effect is euphoric, long-lasting, powerful, psychoactive with a pleasant fragrant menthol incense flavor that will impregnate your throat for a few seconds.