Genetics: Laos landrace ganja
Region: Champasak district
Sourcing: Private donor
Latitude: 14° N
Regional harvest: From late November through February
Height: exceeding 3 metres in natural outdoor environment
Aroma: Sweet lime,subtle sandalwood undertones, midnight jasmine,carrot,rue,fruit.
Grow type: Outdoors, Greenhouse, Indoors (requires skill and experience)
Characteristics: Tall slender plant, thick lush foliage. Long vegetative and flowering cycle.
Effects: Very intense high and long lasting. Not racey


Beautiful, slender and  vigorous Sativa with great resistance to pests and fungi. Great breeding parent.
In its natural environment it reaches and exceeds three meters in height with wide and medium internodal spaces. Its leaves are large and serrated,  and also thin with 7 and 9 leaflets of a light green colour, others are of a dark bright shiny green.

Its vegetative stage goes from 16 to 20 weeks. During this time  it focuses on forming a thick, lush and vigorous  foliage full of branches of middle spaces finishing  in a nice conical form.  After this long vegetative stage she prepares and starts to flower which can take between 16 and 20 weeks, forming small buds of stigmas in all her apical buds from the central to the low branches.

Some plants develop loose flowers of large calyx in the form of wheat structure, others form a more compact structure forming in this way fine and beautiful  long tails laden with  flowers filled with large swollen pointed chalices of chalice bathed in a layer of resin without becoming compact. The aroma that these buds emanate  is of sweet limes, subtle aroma of sandalwood, carrot, midnight jasmin and sweet fruit. Its effect is active,  energetic, cerebral and of long duration.

For indoor growing, we recommend to start with a 12/12 photoperiod from seed,  using the Scrog technique and perform multiple prunings.