Genetics: Pure Nepali Landrace
Latitude: Nepal 27°N – USA 37°N
Sourcing: Provided by a reliable acquaintance in Nepal with strong familiarity and contacts in the country.
Traditional use: Exntensive. Primarily the creation of hashish.
Regional Harvest: Long growing/flowering season 18-20 weeks. October/November in Nepal.
Height: Usual height 3+ metres but can go 5+ metres.
Aromas: Sweet spices; cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, clove, flowery/fruity scents and incense, sandalwood.
Effects: Intense cerebral effect and an overall physical euphoria
Characteristics: Plants are very robust and females and males have been known to live 2+ years.
Grow type: Outdoor, Greenhouse, NOT suited for indoor unless very experienced.


Very small, very dark seeds, brown to black. Vigorous sprouting from fresh stock. Robust seedlings, fast grower. plants have wide leaves that narrow over time, very large plates. Stalk is green, often tinged with pink and purple, some are VERY purple. Wide internodes, long spacing between leaves on stems. A towering plant that exceeds 5 metres with optimum conditions. These plants are robust and vigorous, resistant to pests outdoors to a high degree, no mildew issues, and a fantastic cloner, sprouts very rapidly.

Flowers are fluffy, not compact, with two forms noted: a nodular, conical flower with pronounced airiness, and a longer flower, more compact (but still quite airy) and longer in its structure, not as nodular. The nodular one tends to be spicier, more clove/cardamom/chocolate notes, the longer one has floral and incense aromas and flavor. Aromas are quite pronounced and strong. A positive for this strain is its unique flavour components and how overt they are.

Crystal production is profuse, but very tiny caps on the trichomes, REALLY tiny. Effect is said to be quite strong if you smoke a lot of it, with both an intense cerebral effect and an overall physical euphoria that is relaxing and calming at the same time.