Genetics:  Tiger Tail (Hang Sua)
Source: TLT via local grower (Chiang Rai province)
Latitude: 19 N
Elevation: 700 m.a.s.l. (2300 ft)
Height: 3.5 meters up to 5-6 metres in optimal conditions
Sowing: June-September
Veg:  16-18 weeks, there is a 12 week phenotype
Flowering:  14-16 weeks
Aromas:  Menthol, basil, mint, intense lemon,mango,lemon cane,intense tangerine, vitamin C
Flavour: fruity, citrus, spicy
Yield: High
Phenotypes:  6
Effects: euphoric, raise your spirits, increases creativity, no ceiling, soaring high
Characteristics: Intense and unique terpene profile, pest and disease resistant with high vigor and a very special effect,big flowers


Cultivated between 1400 and 2200 meters above sea level ( 1600 – 7000 feet ).
These are the plants you need if you want to be active, creative, productive, awake, bright and alert. The effect is extremely powerful and can be lysergic and psychedelic at times. It is an explosive effect that fills your mind with many ideas and thoughts. It is a Thai line that has no ceiling, like several Thai lines in our collection.

The flavour is of aromatic and penetrating lemons on the palate with menthol touches; It is a line that deserves to be preserved for its high vigour and resistance to pests and diseases. The best of these plants lies in the the potency and cannabinoid profile, terpenes and flavonoids. It really is a gem as a tool for breeding powerful psychoactive plants with lysergic and psychedelic cerebral effects.

Do not leave this Thai line aside. It worthy of being tasted by all lovers of the old school of Sativa.