Strain: Pakrai75
Type: Cross (Thai Chiang Rai male) x (Pakistan1975 female)
Latitude: 19°N and 34° N
Altitude: 1500 m.a.s.l.
Vegetative: 10 weeks
Flowering: 8 – 9 weeks (max)
Height: 120 – 150 centimetres
Yield: medium-high
Aromas: papaya, lemon grass,green apple,candy,pinesol,mushroom,funk. Exotic. Unique.
Flavour: smooth, creamy, incense, intense and long lasting
Effects: very potent and long lasting,very energising,euphoric,psychoactive, no body heaviness
Characteristics: Plants and buds resistant to humidity. Fast flowering sativa dominant. Excellent resin quality


Pakrai75 is a machine in terms of resin production and potency.  It’s the cross of two of our most refined genetics. They are the top of a 100% sativa (Thai Chiang Rai) and one 100% indica (Pakistan1975). We have been able to observe them in detail after several generations  and then start growing them and continue to grow them for three generations to then select the right ones.

It’s been three years since we came to the realization that this cross was giving us consistently and in all phenotypes great resin machines.  It then grew a natural interest in selecting the best  plants to achieve homogeneous, powerful, very resinous, early flowering and psychoactive plants with quality in taste, worth of entering any competition for its smooth taste and fast finishing times.

Pakrai75 is extremely resinous, with bright flowers when drying. It is highly recommended for extractions and can be easily grown in indoor settings since its vegetative and flowering cycles as well as height can be easily controlled. It’s a fast  plant and of a beautiful bearing and size.

We have used one of our most resinous and highly potent Thai with intense terpenes, the Thai Chiang Rai, a beautiful male with abundant flowers and selected from the most resinous plants and with the lowest bearing and fragrant stems, selected for three generations to obtain the smallest and most resinous plants, that’s how we managed to find the most resinous plants, fast and with high potency. This motivated us to keep these plants, for its terpenic intensity. Smells of very mature fruits, lemon grass, mountain papaya. Really, smelling this herb is something fantastic and otherworldly, it is a delicacy, a machine of potency, resin production, vigour and agility when growing and flowering.

We have also selected a 100% indica line. The legendary Pakistan1975, the plants with the most vigour and most resin producers. These plants are ultra resinous on their own. The highlights are intense aromas of solvents, cream, eucalyptus, pine and apples.

Pakrai75 grows in an accelerated and vigorous way showing its hybrid vigour. We observed the enormous potential that there is inside these plants form their first stages of growth. The small stems are sturdy like the leaves that have thick petioles. As it grows the stems thicken and are hallowed out, very fragrant when touched, they smell of eucalyptus and pine; short internodal spaces, leaves of 5 and 7 thin leaflets wit an intense dark olive green.

It vigorously grows for 10 weeks and with a sparse foliage which allows light to reach any area in a better way so that the lower shoots grow evenly, likewise it forms several pairs of branches to bear a bountiful harvest. The flowering takes 8 weeks or 9 weeks at the latest, showing two distinct phenotypes  because one of them is more productive and with light hues of violet that recall the tonalities of his mother, the Pakistan1975.All the branches that grow during vegetative stage will slowly be filled with huge flowers filled with resin ad little foliage which is a plus when it comes to manicure.

Intense aromas of Papaya, lemon grass and apple. It is an explosion of exotic and unique aromas.  It is the smell of these plants, so intense, fragrant and long lasting that you will be able to tell her apart from the rest. The organoleptic qualities of these plants are unmistakeable. Really, its aromas and flavours are very peculiar as well as the abundant resin production.

We are proud to have created this beautiful sativa dominant plant, but with short stature and producer of great quality resin. We know that for many it’s impossible to obtain and grow long flowering sativas with highly energizing brain and body effects for the long time they take to grow and flower. That’s why this is a great option to have something unique and unrepeatable with mostly sativa genes in a relatively very short time.

The smoke of this plant is very dense with acid aromas and touches of incense lingering in the air. The flavor is very fragrant and intense on the palate and long lasting. When you sample it you will fell the explosion of flavor and fragrance. If you let the buds go for a minimum of 2 months cure you will obtain a great quality in the flavor. It will be smooth and creamy. It will give you a very powerful and long lasting effect, very energetic, euphoric, psychoactive and without leaving traces of heaviness in your body, an excellent companion for the day, to keep you awake and active at all times, motivated, energetic and happy. Very recommended for extractions!


The smell is very aniseed with a eye watering fuel back note. Grew in soil under LED, great colours. Back of leaves iridescent. Wow! Can’t wait to try…