Genetics: Pure South Indian ganja plant
Latitude: 9N
Sourcing: Personally collected in Idukki district, Kerala
Traditional use: Ganja. Also used to make oil. Seedless or lightly seeded.
Regional Harvest: Harvested as early as November and as late as Jan/Feb
Height: 2 metres but with good potential of reaching between 3 to 4 metres
Characteristics: Minty, menthol, musky, spicy, energetic sativa high.
Grow type: Outdoor, Greenhouse, indoor (requires space and experience)

The plants from the Idukki district in Kerala state are 100% sativa collected from the southern part of the Idukki district an area where this plant has been cultivated for years. This area busts with life and vegetation and is situated at an elevation of 1000 metres. Rugged mountains and forests cover almost the whole of the Idukki district. The area is a heaven of natural spices such as black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, nutmace, ginger, clove etc.

Quite possibly this explains the spicy, peppery aroma coming off from the Kerala herb. Being close to the equator, plants can be grown any time of the year. These plants withstand three months of heavy rains (monsoon season June-July-August. Cultivation happens in many places but people are wary and cautious. Kerala shows a nice vigour from its first stages of growth: germination, seedling, and throughout its vegetative stage.

Most plants show colours that vary from bright green, red, purple and almost black. Its internodal spaces are medium, the vegetative stage goes from 12, 13 to 14 weeks, to form colourful and vigorous branches to then enter the flowering phase that takes between 12 to 16 weeks in some cases: Its flowers are thin, airy, some with the structure of wheat spikes, its stigmata at the end are dark amber, some show light violet colours in their buds. It is a sativa with good quantity and quality of resin that gives off smells of mint, lemon, earth and some of very subtle apple.

Its effect is very active, clear cerebral, positive and very energetic with uplifting sensations without leaving traces of heaviness and body stone in the end. Very enjoyable when outdoors. Kerala is not something you would want to try before going to bed. It lasts between 2 to 3 hours, the phenotype with apple and fruity smell is the most fragrant on the palate. Seeds are generally medium-sized and quite dark in colour (dark brown and black).