Genetics: Congo Black (Republic of the Congo)
Latitude: 4°S
Elevation: 2500 m.a.s.l.
Sourcing: private donor
Vegetative: 14-16 weeks
Flowering: between 13 and 16 weeks
Height:  2-3  metres
Aromas: Intense tangerine and mandarin, fruity, minty, menthol
Flavour: fragrant, sweet, tangerine, burnt wood
Effects: Very cerebral. extremely long lasting head high, lysergic, no ceiling, highly euphoric, psychdelic
Characteristics: vigorous, breeding tool
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor


Congo Black is a very stylized and fine sativa when growing, it has beautiful leaves like thin, webbed and pointed spears, its aroma is unmistakable to anyone for its intense tangerine emanation that leaves your fingers impregnated with this smell  when touched. When smoking, you will have a bomb of intense tangerine flavour in your palate.

Congo Black is the genetics that we have with a marked and intense mandarin aroma, we can also find this type of aroma in some Thai lnes but not as marked as in these Congo Black ladies. She is definitely a keeper and worth being preserved for those who love authentic and special sativas.

This local genetic line from the Congo comes from the outskirts of the Capital of the Republic of the Congo, Brazzaville, people often say that the Congo Black does not exist or that it has simply been lost or that it is a legend or a fairy tale and we can tell you that it’s not true, you can stll find them from this legendary genetic line that for many is unknown or that they believe is a Black Congo hybrid.

This Congo Black line is authentic, we have not seen traces of hybrids in it and it is the best that comes from African hands from Brazzaville directly cared for and preserved for decades. They tell us that the cannabis there is currently contaminated by hybrids but this is not the case with the genetics that we offer at The Landrace Team, it is the cleanest and most adapted to this region that we have found.

Since its germination, Congo Black expresses great vigour and resistance in difficult climatic conditions, although it comes from a relatively temperate climate, it has shown great resistance up to heights of 2500 meters above sea level, a worthy tool for the breeding of new varieties. Its vegetative stage ranges from 14 to 16 weeks.

it has large and medium serrated leaves of 7 and 9 bright light green leaflets, medium internodal spaces from 4 to 8 centimeters, the internodal spaces of the branches are wide, from the middle to the end of their main apical buds, its internodal spaces are greatly reduced, at which point a very compact broken structure also develops in its stems, preparing to receive a good amount of heavy and resin-filled flowers, something that characterizes this  genetics.  Its stems smell of sweet and mint when rubbed with your fingers, this can be appreciated in plants in an advanced vegetative stage.

After forming an even structure full of foliage till the end of its branches it begins a full and exuberant flowering with a number of medium flower stigmas, its calyx are medium and swollen, full of resin with a fruity aromas coupled with sweet mandarin and menthol.

The flowering and the structure of the flower is thick but without becoming a compact bud, it is airy and its main apical buds are full of flowers that grow and develop in height as they advance in their flowering stage thus creating large tails.

Some of them take on shades from lilac to a dark purple at the tip of its calyx and on its leaves in the last stage of flowering, they have a supremely euphoric and clean effect that takes you to a higher level with each puff you take. It can become lysergic and psychedelic.

It really is a smoke that is worth feeling, powerful and long-lasting, with a fragrant and sweet flavour on the palate with notes of tangerines and burnt wood. In one phenotype we have seen three branches (see pic). The common is a couple of branches per node, but there is a phenotype that shows three branches.

Short report by a grower:

Very cerebral. Extremely long lasting head high. It is a creeper. It takes about 3 to five hits and blast off.
It is a very long lasting high as well. Lysergic is an understatement! I have found that it has no ceiling.
You just go up and up with every puff