Genetics:  Thai Stick from Isaan region
Sourcing: preservationexchange
Latitude:  16° N
Elevation: form 800 to 2300 m.a.s.l.
Height: from 150 to 250 cm
Phenotypes:  7 (1 purple)
Veg:  from 14 to 18 weeks
Flowering:  from 14 to 20 weeks
Aromas: menthol, sweet cane honey
Taste: cane honey,sweet,wood
Effects:  potent, no ceiling, long lasting
Yield: medium
Characteristics: highly resistant to wind,cold,extreme weather,fungi,pests,humidity
Grow type: Outdoor, greenhouse, indoors


These Thai Sticks from Isaan (Thai Stick #3) are  beautiful, special and classic sativa plants that are characterized by their psychoactive power without ceiling when smoked, vigour, high resistance to pests and fungi, unique aroma of fermented cane honey, rue leaves and mint.

Vegetative growth takes from 14 weeks to 18 weeks with stems with wide internodal spaces at the beginning of growth and in the middle of the vegetative stage they become shorter; it has very thin, serrated, fine, pointed leaves of a pistachio green colour with 5 and 7 leaflets, some with up to 9 leaflets, the stems are strong and with a pungent  bitter aromas, some disgustingly sweet.

We can find up to 7 phenotypes; one of them is very fine and resinous with a thin structure and a purple phenotype finishing with  very beautiful yellow and purple leaves, subtle and beautiful contrasts.
The other phenotypes are green, resinous and  with thin and conical structures.

We have cultivated them from 800 to 2300 metres above sea level  and they have withstood extreme wind currents  and cold that not every plant can take. Likewise, their resistance to pests, fungi, humidity is something to admire.

Flowering takes from 14 to 20 weeks with pleasant  aromas of menthol,  sweet and rough cane honey; there is a phenotype with subtle acid aromas, this phenol is resinous structures and big yielder. It forms beautiful colas full of flowers. The effect is powerful without ceiling, long lasting with fragrant flavours of cane honey on the palate, sweet and woody touches too. The plants reach heights between 150 cm to 250 cm.

It is a plant with high resistance in all senses, from its first days of growth we have observed  vigorous stems and very vital leaves with high vigour, its aromas and power make it unique and unmistakable, beautiful classic sativa specimens perfect for breeding new varieties, but also to preserve it in its clean and uncrossed state. Welcome to all sativa lovers with this beautiful  Thai Stick from Isaan province, worthy of being collected, cultivated and selected.


Already a few weeks into flowering in mid-September, so this variety could be practical for growing in California – my guess is the harvest date will be late November to early December. The Thai Isaan and Thai Chiang Rai are this far along in flower. So far, these Isaan varieties look very promising, and we are excited to watch their flowers evolve 🙂

Such an honor to be able to grow these living psychedelic works of art. Thai landrace varieties are incredibly psychedelic when consumed, These plants have been bred by skilled farmers to be visually stunning and disease, mold, and pest resistant!