Genetics: Jamaican
Region: Caribbean
Strain: Jamaican Sativa,  “Longtime Weed”
Latitude: 18° N
Harvest: January
Height: 2 – 3 metres
Flowering: 18 – 24 weeks
Aromas: Pineapple, tropical fruit juice, wood, old-school
Flavours: grilled lamb kebab, woody, herby ‘Old School’ sativa
Effects: Electric, euphoric, soaring, take-your-breath-away, potent, spiritual, introspective in larger doses, great higher thoughts, joyful, clear, energetic, profound
Characteristics: tall plants
Grow Type:  Outdoors in tropical climates only. Greenhouse for Mediterranean climates.
Light deprivation greenhouse for all other climates
Breeder: Grover Sativa

This is probably the world’s best marijuana. Growing up in Tottenham, London, I experienced smoking Jamaican weed earlier and in larger quantities than any other type of marijuana. There are more Jamaicans living in London than any other city in Jamaica, except Kingston and if they don’t live in Brixton then they probably live in Tottenham. For us, if you went to Finchley or West ways it was Thai, if it was hash it was Pakistani from Howard (RIP) and it was fantastic hash
but if it was from Tottenham or South of the river then it was Jamaican flat press and I loved it.

In fact, Jamaican was the first weed I ever smoked. I had already smoked plenty of hashish from Petticoat Lane Market but this was something different, a weird green little ‘brick’ of sticky, buttery smelling grass. I picked it apart and put it in a rizla. I spent the next four hours bunking off school, laughing my head off for no reason whatsoever, ever – tears streaming down my face, on the floor of a living room in North London with the most beautiful girl I ever met in my life. Everything was just perfect, exactly as it should be and it was some of the best hours of my life. I would give up all my money to have those four hours again. In the end, I would spend my weekends just wasting time smoking Jamaican weed, listening to Dub on my mixing decks and drinking beer with my mates. 

The plant itself?
This is a true, pure tropical Landrace sativa. It is called ‘Longtime weed’ on the island because it takes so much time to flower.

It is an ‘Old School’ tropical sativa of utterly magnificent effects. Clear, euphoric, energetic and utterly electric.The effect is powerful and in larger doses it can be a bit introspective or thought provoking but it is not in that confusing and twisted way that you get with pure haze. It is much nicer than that. The energy is quite shocking but it is hard to actually do too much at first because you are just so high. Everything is awe-inspiring. The world is just this magnificent place that must be contemplated. It really is a thing to experience. Once you have got a grip on things (and the electricity can be overwhelming) you really get waves of heavy euphoria.This is how things should be.

The smoke is physically light but extremely powerful, and if you have ever been to the Caribbean and tried to do something physical in the sun you realise why the weed they smoke is very clear and full of energy. Having said that it is not without physical properties. Blazing red eyes and a gormless grin, as if there are strings attaching the sides of your mouth to your eyes.

Just as the experience is full of energy but you are too overwhelmed to actually do anything, the effect can also be thought-provoking and introspective without you being capable of actually expressing yourself in any way that isn’t just unintelligible garbage. But in the best way. Just get laid back, laugh sing and enjoy the ride. The world is beautiful, the sun shines and everything is just wonderful for the next 4 hours. This is as fun, profound and colourful an experience as you can have with cannabis sativa. You know how, in the old days, you had the ones where you couldn’t stop laughing and you had no idea why? That is this one.

The plant itself?  It is tall – very tall. I have tried to select some shorter, quicker to flower phenotypes amongst the females, so you can find something a bit more manageable if you are lucky but it is a bit of a beast, really. This is because of the weakness of the flowering response. It just takes ages to get going. Seven weeks from light reduction to first flowers is normal and it grows that whole time. This is because of where it is from and what the local farmers needed. In Jamaica, for most of the year anyway, once a seed sprouts the plant almost immediately goes into flowering. This means that only the plants with the weakest of flowering responses (ie they take an age to actually start flowering, even once their flowering response is stimulated..) get any time at all to actually grow.

The frame is very branchy and has that languid, stretchy, tropical stature. Small fluffy flowers that run all the way along huge branches, from the middle to the end. Great resin for this kind of plant and extremely strong and pleasant aromas which can be very tropical and fruity, like pineapple or tropical fruit juice or even juicy, fruity chewing gum and woody. These plants can be extremely pleasant and will quickly become your favourites and rightly so.

The aromas translate well into flavours, especially the sweet, fruity ones and every now and again you can find definite grilled lamb and bread flavours, which are magnificent and will be smoked far too quickly. Of course the woody old-School flavours are also easy to find. The plants you can find are actually quite varied and you can really find yourself something you really like if you are willing to search but it takes a lot of skill and experience. The plants get really tall and take up huge space. They are not heavy feeders or drinkers but because they get so big they will still require regular maintenance, especially in pots. They take an age to get going and you won’t even know which are female and which are male before your kush plants start maturing.

This takes a really ‘old hand’ to be able to manage properly. Once you have identified the females you must identify the phenotypes. Some are shorter flowering and have a more commercial profile to the flowers. These are superb tropical sativa and great to smoke,  but the real magic is in the tropical ones. They take far longer to get going and to finish. The flowers are not as dense and more fox-tailing. The branches are longer and can bend with the wind. The whole thing is just more ’tropical’ but the resins are superb and the aromas tend to be sweeter and less woody. If you have the patience for it then you can really fall in love here. Be careful!
To get the very best flavours, aromas and effects these plants want maximum sunshine and lots of space for their roots in organic soil. Feed lightly at first but large plants want more food. If you do well you will really taste the pineapple.

For breeders: there is a fair amount of genetic diversity in the overall population and the plants are actually very sexually stable (not 100% but all of the females I used were perfect so you should be fine). The plant does breed true and the very best examples are about as good for outcrossing as any tropical sativa I have ever grown (and I have grown a fair few).It does very well paired with Skunk and Kush type partners. The effects are very dominant in crosses  but the physical traits, like height and flowering speed are easy to tame. Enjoy! Explore!



Monster plant, taking her time… classic haze smell with a bit of extra spice, so nice! Large firm wheat head sativa type flowers with a beautiful coat of crystal trichomes. Slightly sweet and earthy aroma with a hint of lemon zest. The smoke is thick and tasty, with the same flavor as the aroma, sweet earthy with a light lemon note and a hashish finish. The effects of the Jamaican will take you back to the good old days of pot smoking. It’s a fast head buzz that’s nothing less than blissful euphoria. I sat in my chair with a smile on my face reminiscing about the pot of the 70’s and how much this reminds me of that. After a while a creeper body buzz wrap round me with a warm fuzzy feeling, I was content. 🙂 This is one of the finest sativa I’ve ever grown, highly recommended for advanced growers. Being an old grower I enjoy growing these pure Landrace strains. I find that I don’t need as much THC as I used to. 32% THC is a little too much for me anymore. 20-25% works just fine for me. Besides some of these new strains have a genetic lineage that is as long as my arm, High School Sweetheart Breath x Strawberry Milkshake, REALLY! I think the flavor and buzz get lost in the mix.


Exciting variety, smells hazy with some unique spice. At first, it is hard to see the trichomes, but if you look at the flowers with a magnifying scope, you see bazillions of tiny crystal trichomes coating the flowers. I have found the tiny trichomes, when there are a lot, is a good sign the flower is going to be intense when sampled. Excited – Yay!


i took a couple puffs of the Jamaican Longtime and I can see how “electric” is used to describe it! Under my microscope, the bud calyxes have a carpet of trichomes that look like milky marbles that have very short stalks.