Genetics: Pure Siberian Landrace
Chebarkul (Hemp Super Autoflower)
Latitude: 54N
Sourcing: Sourced by Russian Landrace Bureau
Location (Chelyabinsk Oblast, Southern Siberia)
Harvest – late August/early September
Flowering time: 9 to 12 weeks from seed to harvest (Autoflowering)
Height: 1.5 – 4 metres
Aroma – Piney, citrus, sweet floral , pine, spices with very strong pungent aroma.
Effects: Mild High, Soothing, Relaxing
Grow Type: Outdoors, greenhouse, indoors.
Characteristics: CBD, fast flowering. Cold, wind, humidity resistant.

This exceptionally hardy Ruderalis is an XXL autoflowering landrace variety with high trichome production. Siberian villagers near Lake Cherbakul have been using these semi-wild plants for making some incredibly tasty, high CBD hand-rubbed hash.

These seeds have been handpicked from wild plants growing in rocky soil, in a rural village around lake Chebarkul, located east of the Ural Mountains. The Ural Mountains form the continental boundary between Europe and Asia, Chelyabinsk itself is therefore also known as “The Gateway to Siberia.” These were gathered at 54°N. The leaves were thin and heavily serrated. It flowers in July at 54 degrees North latitude. This early flowering characteristic has proven to be dominant, so it is an excellent strain for hybridization in the hands of a skilled breeder. It is very useful for breeding purposes. Resistant to cold, powdery mildew, and high wind. Caution this is an extremely light feeder, and does not require to be planted in very fertilized soil.  Test have shown that these have a potential to contain 5% CBD and potentially more.

-Noteworthy – will ripen around Sept. 1st crossing this variety with a later flowing variety will predictably cause the resulting hybrid to flower earlier.This variety is extremely fast and short flowering we have had success to go 50 days from seed to harvest. The Siberian Ruderalis Landrace could be a precious asset to breeders looking to create hardy autoflowering strains with a unique flavour.

This Siberian Ruderalis variety can thrive in some of the most inhospitable places on earth. It shows great vigour, hardiness and is an extremely fast finisher. These landrace autoflowering plants grow in places where most cannabis plants wouldn’t stand a chance.

The plants start flowering after only 2 to 3 weeks after germination. They reach 120 to 190 centimeters. If you want t ogrow them indoors you may want to keep this info in mind. Towards the end of their flowering cycle, a quarter of the plants may turn mauve/purple. Color – Purples, pink and magenta hues, were found in 30% of the population and the rest were a healthy bright green.

Climate- Chebarkul has a warm summer humid continental climate.  May has an average temperature of 20 °C. June 23° C.  July 24° C. August 23°C, and a relatively cold September with 17° C.