Colombian Black (Llanera)

Genetics: Colombian landrace (open pollination)
Region: Los Llanos. Colombia-Casanare (South America)
Latitude: 5 ° N
Harvest: End of October
Height: 2 to 3 meters in optimal conditions
Seeds: Regular
Vegetative stage: 15 to 20 weeks
Flowering: 12 to 17 week
Aroma: Fruits, cedar, incense
Effects: Powerful, psychoactive, long-lasting, euphoric, in the end calm without being narcotic
Characteristics: Phenotypes of dark purple color, also green phenotypes and fruity aromas and one acre like cedar. Very resistant to extreme climates, drought, humidity, fungi and pests. Conical structure Up to 3 meters. Large sawn leaves of a light olive green color. High percentage of THC.


Los Llanos is a region of northern South America divided between Colombia and Venezuela. It has two marked seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. It’s characterized by its extensive savannas, its climate is intertropical savannah being humid and hot, (except in the high plains with milder climate), with high temperatures in general . The region is located in the interior and therefore there’s an absence of maritime climate influence. This allows for a greater daily thermal amplitude than in coastal areas, the lowest temperatures are recorded in the rainy season, therefore, in August usually lower temperatures are recorded more than in January, but the annual thermal amplitude is not significant in general.

This is a variety from the plains of Colombia in the Casanare department. Formerly the collectors called this plant Colombian Black because of a phenotype that shows a very peculiar dark purple color, it also shows green phenotypes and fruity aromas and one sour like cedar. It is very resistant to extreme climates, droughts, humidity, fungi and pests. Its vegetative stage is 20 weeks and a flowering stage of 17 weeks. its structure is conical, reaches a height of up to 3 meters in optimal conditions, its leaves are large, serrated and of a light olive green color, it has a high percentage of THC.