Genetics: Kashmir early finishing
Latitude: 42°N
Elevation: 200 m.a.s.l. (650 ft)
Height of plants: 2 m (6ft)
Sowing month: May,then planted outdoors on July 4th.
Harvest date: end of September – 1st week of October (October 7th)
Aromas: Funky,skunky,offensive. There’s an intoxicating, eucalyptus and mint-chocolate notes
Effects: Very active, “up and at ‘em.” Clear-headed.No couch lock.
Yield: High.
Characteristics: golds and coppers colours
Grow type. Organic soil, outdoors,greenhouse,indoors


The early flowering plants tend to have more carotenoids than anthocyanins, so they fade to Golds and Coppers instead of Purple as October progresses. Unadjusted, the plants tend to vary between a Christmas Tree and a menorah. The ‘open’ structure reminiscent of the Indian lines to the south of Kashmir allows them to thrive in higher humidity environments than the compact Pakistani and Afghani lines to the north and west. The side branches gladly take over if the plants are topped and lollipopped. Dry-farmed due to a water ban.

A large minority of the Kashmir population are true 8-week plants. Easily identifiable by the early trichome production. Flower triggers in the second week of August, and the plants rapidly reach their full height in the third. By the first week of September they’re in full flower production and don’t miss a beat until October.

Perfect for before and after a workout, or when you need to stay up all night studying for a test.
Large populations in a wide variety of environments has kept the vigor up.