Genetics: Kashmir Purple selection
Latitude: 34° N (grow at lat. 42°N)
Elevation: 200 m.a.s.l. (650 ft)
Height of plants: 2 metres (6ft)
Sowing month: May,  then planted outdoors on July 4th.
Harvest date: last week of October
Aromas: menthol,pinesol,engine exhaust,chocolate oranges,pink lemonade,bubblegums
Effects: Clear-headed and active, like a good cup of coffee. No couchlock, not heavy or drowsy, or fatigue-inducing.
Yield: Heavy
Characteristics: Christmas tree,open structure,humidity resistant
Grow type: Organic soil. Outdoor,greenhouse,indoors.


Unadjusted, the plants tend to vary between a Christmas Tree, and a Menorah. The ‘Open’ structure reminiscent of the Indian lines to the south of Kashmir allows them to thrive in higher humidity environments than the compact Pakistani and Afghani lines to the north and west. And the side branches gladly take over if the plants are topped and lollipopped. Starting in the first week of October the maroons and purples starts to take over, and within a few weeks even the trichomes flood with anthocyanins. Purple hash / rosin can be made from the right plants.

Dry-farmed due to a water ban. Down-to-Earth amendments. Permaculture-adjacent.

Finished stretching in the third week of August, and ready to harvest by Halloween/All Saints Day, give or take two weeks based on personal preference. The Kashmir has an exceptionally long harvest window compared to most plants. Perfect for a break while hiking, and won’t get in your way when you’re trying to be productive. Negative-selection and large open-pollinations have kept the vigor high.