Afghanistan Landrace (domesticate)
Location: Panjshir province
Latitude: 35° N
Elevation: 4000 m.a.s.l.
Height: up to 2 metres
Flowering: 9 – 10 weeks
Aromas: sweet musk, nutty, citrus, sweet hash
Effects: uplifting first, sedative after
Harvest: October in Afghanistan
Yield: High
Purpose: hash
Characteristics: purple and green, indica and sativa  phenos
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor


Seeds collected in situ in the Panjshir region valley surrounded by the mountains of the Hindu Kush, north east of Kabul. High yielding plants with long buds that will produce yields of sweet hash. The Panjshir shows 2 different colours, green and purple. We have isolated and selected the purple plants from the green ones.
The main aroma coming off the hash produced by these plants is musk. Plants can range from earthy to nutty and a certain sweetness in the background, they can display broad and thin leaflets, leaning more on the broad side.

Expect an immediate uplifting, happy, cheerful and energising buzz and tingle around your face and body at the beginning, before giving way to a sedative, calming and couchlock effect.

Yields are high. Long buds that will produce a black hash on the outside and blonde inside giving off a strong sweet musk aroma. These seeds are coming from plants grown outdoor, although it will not be hard to grow them indoors as they are very resilient and resistant. These plants are used to facing harsh weather conditions in their local environment,  be it intense sun or very cold nights as Panjshir lies at an altitude of around 4000 metres above sea level. Dark phenos can be easily found among these plants.