Genetics: Red Thread – Thai Sativa
Height: 2 to 3 metres
Veg: 14-16 weeks
Flower: 12-16 weeks
Aromas: lime, sweet mango, turpentine
Flavour: citrus and woody
Yield: medium-high
Phenotypes: 4
Effects: very potent,psychoactive,long-lasting, clear
Characteristics: highly resistant to pests,fungi,diseases and humidity



Legendary Thai Sativa known famous for its powerful devastating effect and its unique organoleptic characteristics and a stylized habit with thin and large leaves with ultra-resistant stems. This Thai stick should be consumed in moderation for newbies, this can accelerate your heart rate, have a storm cerebral, dry mouth, you can have
psychedelic episodes and go into panic effects. Stimulates appetite.

Enjoy this legendary and exquisite Sativa in moderation; If you are an expert in sativa and you like breeding, you can explore this line in search of the most interesting resinous and powerful phenotypes to include in breeding programs. These types of plants that
have been adapted for many years to these natural environments present unique profiles that when you smell them alive transport you and make you have a pleasant touch while you inhale these intense sweet lime aromas, the aroma that these emanate is something magical. plants, are worthy of being in the collection of any sativa fan.