Genetics: Pure Bhutanese landrace
Location: West Bhutan
Latitude: 27°N
Elevation: 2200 m.a.s.l. (7200 ft)
Sourced: in situ
Type: Sativa
Seeds: regular
Height: generally tall outdoors, up to 3 metres
Yield: abundant
Sowing: April/May in Bhutan
Flowering: 14-16 weeks (October-November in Bhutan)
Aromas: floral,minty,sweet
Taste: fruity,sweet,floral,mixed berries.
Effects: uplifting,energetic,continuous laughters,cerebral,mind calming and focused,creative
Characteristics: Generously frosty flowers.Humidity/mold resistant.Multi-branched plants.
Grow type: outdoors, greenhouse,indoors


Vigorous, hardy and tall plants from the Bhutanese mountains around the district of Paro in the west of Bhutan, not far from China to the north and Sikkim further west. The seeds have been collected in situ from a local farmer.

The Bhutanese buds are really good for starting the day as they show their effects in just a few tokes. It delivers an immediate uplifting,energetic, smile-on-my face sativa type of high, followed by peaceful and calming mind effects. Few tokes of this herb will keep your mind buzzing and continuously laughing and in cheerful mode. It also brings motivating effects, ideal for those who suffer from depression or have a hard time getting out of bed.

The smoke has a sweet mix of blended berries which makes you want to keep on toking more and more. Keeps your mouth sweet and fresh while. It’s the kind of smoke you can toke on all day and feel good without anxiety attacks.

The flowers are white and bright yellow, covered with resin. As the weather in Paro is considered warm and humid, these plants will not have problems in tropical climates but they also withstand heat equally. These are and can easily become tall plants so if you want to keep the height manageable it’d be better to plant in May.