Genetics: Landrace from Irrawaddy in Myanmar
Latitude: 15° N
Altitude: 1550 and 2700 meters above sea level
Vegetative: 12-16 weeks
Flowering: 14-16 weeks
Aromas : Minty,spicy,fruity, turpentine,green mango peels
Flavour: menthol, spicy, woody
Effects: Very clean psychoactive, trippy, euphoric, powerful effect
Yield: medium high
Phenotypes: 5
Characteristics: wild growth, intense terpenes, resistant to low and high temperatures, a true warrior plant that needs little intervention. It grows with low nutrients and in difficult and hostile places. Irrawaddy has had no problem in growing in dry or very humid substrates, strong air currents, high and low temperature swings without showing any sign of fungi or mold.
Grow type: outdoors,greenhouse,indoors


This is a wild sativa with a peculiar and unique  structure and a highly fragrant and intense terpene profile. The plants from Irrawaddy in Myanmar  grow vigorously and rapidly, reaching and exceeding  3 meters in optimal conditions. This genetic line is a true gem and even more than this it is a treasure along with the other Myanmar lines available at The Landrace Team (Karen, Shan, Chin and Sagaing).

The high vigor, diversity, chemical profile and spicy, fruity, turpentine and eucalyptus terpenes are unique. A perfect and charming combination. These types of plants are the ones that we cannot lose and must continue to preserve to leave a legacy for new generations to come  in this world full of redundant genetics with catchy names and glossy photos.

This is a truly wild and legendary strain, worthy of being known by all lovers of pure sativa lines. The Irrawaddy is really a breeding dog to create new lines, different from what the market is full of, to create lines that are vigorous with different structures and clean effects and, to top it all, the best with different chemical profiles and terpenes.

The Irrawaddy  has a balance of aromas that makes her super special for the TLT. Making these seeds available has been very complicated  due to the civil and social situation in Myanmar. As for the Karen and Shan we did everything possible to make these lines available to the public thanks to the collaboration of our source who lives lives in precarious conditions. He wanted to collaborate with us so that you can all obtain these seeds in a country tormented by war. It is a pleasure for us to be able to collaborate with the source and help him financially to get out of the country as soon as possible and find  a better life elsewhere.