Genetics: Maui Wowie (Hawaiian)
Latitude: 20°N
Elevation: 0 – 1700 m.a.s.l.
Veg: 11 – 15 weeks
Flower: 10 – 15 weeks
Height: 120 – 180 cm.
Yield: medium
Phenotypes: 5
Aromas: pineapple,solvent,pine,fruity,sweet
Effect: long-lasting,potent, appetite-stimulant
Characteristics: high humidity and high temperature resistant
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse,indoors


Classic Hawaiian Sativa from the 70’s. Quick, very special, pleasant aromas of pineapple, pine, fruit, solvent. Some phenotypes show pink and red stigmas with abundant resin, resistant to high temperatures up to 40°C  and very high humidity.The sativas from Maui show two expressions within which we can find 5 phenotypes.  Some have loose flowers and others have medium stature with semi-wide stature.

In these seeds you will find  sativa plants with beautiful vigor and an abundant foliage of medium internodal spaces, stems that vary from intense red to black. There is one veined between green and reddish purple. Hollow stems for smaller phenos and more compact for plants with higher expressions.

Smaller plants measure from 120 cm and the highest 180 cm. The vegetative period is 11 to 15 weeks with a foliage of average growth of 7 leaflets. Flowering is beautiful and resinous for all phenotypes, compact flowers for smaller and more resinous phenotypes. Loose and a little airy flowers for longer phenotypes, production is medium and is rewarded by high quality resin and large tricomes, as well as the intense flavor of sweet pineapples, pine, solvents and fruity with pink and red stigmas make it unique .

The Maui Wowie is an explosion of quality, its almost white light green colors, the purple and oranges hues and its high levels of THC are yet  other qualities that make it perfect for those who seek a potent effect, it also induces tranquility, creativity, it motivates you and makes you feel clear, delivers much energy with a lasting effect that at the end stimulates the appetite.

Nice fruity and intense long-lasting taste to the palate. These plants have been cultivated  from 0  to  1700 metres above sea level,  growing without problems and without restrictions, with several expressions showing strength, vigour and high resistance to pests, fungi and common diseases.