Genetics: hybrid
Aroma: sweet,fruity,candy, hash, red wine, grapes
Taste: sweet cookies and hash
Flower time: 7-8 weeks
Plant size: 1.80 metres plus (6 ft plus)
Yield: large
THC: extremely high
Characteristicks: very sticky


This 100% indica will surprise you with its size. Large tree shape structure with longer than normal cola buds for an indica plant. The Babylon mother had very long and dense buds, very sweet aroma too. The father was a robust male Kandahar with an exceptionally sweet fruity smell for a male plant.

The aroma is sweet fruity hash with a note of red wine to finish. Very sticky to the touch and a release of terpenes that fills the air with a sweet smell of fruity grapes.

Potency is at the insane level, way more THC than needed for most medical issues, and the only recreational activity achievable is watching TV.

Warning: Potent drug! Do Not operate heavy machinery or drive motor vehicles while using this marijuana strain!