Genetics: hybrid
Aroma: Floral, fruity with a bit of spice and hash
Taste: Light spiciness with a little bit of fruit and honey finishing with a little hash
Flower Time: 18-22 weeks
Plant Size: 2.50 to 3 metres (8-10+ ft.)
Yield: Large
THC: Very High

Sativa lovers rejoice! Here is a pure sativa cross that joins two very potent strains to produce a super tasty mind wrapping smoke that’ll soothe and calm the most chaotic day. A large branchy plant with an abundance of bud sites for a huge yield of nice firm buds but not rock hard. The aroma is a mouthwatering sensation of a fruit cocktail with notes of fresh cut cedarwood and hashish.

This girl will take you a while to finish flowering. Being a pure sativa it comes from the equatorial region where it only gets 12 hrs of daylight, or close to that, everyday. So it’ll take 20 weeks or more to finish flowering properly. So to get this girl to flower faster and still get fat buds is to give it 11 hour days when flowering. Shorter day speed up the maturing process and will finish the plant in 9-10 weeks with beautiful buds. You can only do this if you grow inside under lights or in containers outside and move the plants into a dark place at 7pm at night and bring them out at 8am in the morning. This will make these plants grow in a reasonable amount of time and make it possible to grow in northern latitudes. Use this method for all pure sativas but not indicas, it’s not needed for those strains. Enjoy!