Genetics:  PTK male x DEEP CHUNK female
Type:  TLT Indica cross
Elevation: 1300-2300 m.a.s.l.
Purpose: hash
Height:  80-120 cm
Veg: 8-10 weeks
Flowering: 50-55 days
Aromas: apples, creamy,mandarins,earth,wood,red fruits
Effects: potent,psychoactive,narcotic,long-lasting
Phenotypes: 4
Yield: medium-high
Characteristics: early pants,resistant,very resinous,dark purple,sweet smells
Grow type: outdoor,greenhouse,indoors


This is an explosion of resin from two legendary, sought after and longed for indicas, the PTK (Pine Tar Kush) an exceptional Pakistani male, beautiful and resinous with very wide, sharp serrated  leaves with 5 and 7 leaflets, thick stems and pleasant aromas of apple and mandarins. The female is a legendary and sought after Afghan line:  the Deep Chunk that is characterized by being highly resinous with acrid aromas of earth, wood and red fruits. The leaves are also resinous with purple and reddish phenotypes. The result of this cross of genes is simply beautiful. Plants that are very vigorous and resistant to mold, high wind currents, pests and environmental conditions with little water.

The vegetative phase goes from  8 to 10 weeks with very short internodal spaces, broad leaves of a dark green  and thick to the touch. The flowering takes between  50 to 55 days delivering  compact and resinous flowers with minimal stigmas and very short. Pleasant aromas of classic ice cream and sweet mandarins. Potent, psychoactive and narcotic effect of long duration, fragrant citrus and sweet flavor, these plants have been cultivated from 1300 to 2300 metres above sea level, growing in limited conditions of nutrients and water, exposed to wind and humidity, demonstrating high. It reaches  a height of  80 to 120 cm.

We have observed 4 different phenotypes, all very resinous and some of very interesting dark purple and reddish colours. Excellent cross between these two legendary indicas, worthy of being cultivated to select the best out of them to obtain different and unique varieties since there are so many poor hybrids in terms of genetic  diversity,  the vigor and high terpene profiles that have already been lost.  We continue to obtain interesting crosses and hybrids so as not to lose these genes and all the diversity we can obtain and above all offer different, very interesting resistant plants.