Genetics: F3 between two classic Thai Landraces
Region: Meao Highland  (male)  x Koh Chang Island (female)
Strain: Meao Thai x Koh Chang
Latitude:  12°N / 19°N
Harvest:   Late December
Height:  2 – 3 metres outdoor and above
Flowering:  18 – 20 weeks
Aromas:  Citric, fresh grass, sweet, delicate
Flavour: woody, lemon, caramel/chocolate touches
Effects: Warm,vibrant, clear,euphoric,uplifting, strong, caffeinated effect
Characteristics: vigorous, upright phenotypes of red pigmented stems and greener, bushier phenotypes
Grow type: Outdoor, greenhouse, indoor



This is a beautiful old cross of two very different Thai landraces. It gives classic Thai style phenotypes of long flowering, vigorous plants with large, serrated leaves of many slim fingers. You can find very tight flower clusters for a Thai plant and great resin, too. The aromas are of lemon and fresh grass – getting sweeter as the plant progresses. The terpenes are not loud like modern cannabis. In fact, they can be somewhat delicate but when you smell them, you know…

Likewise, the flavours are firmly ‘old school’ – woody, slightly lemony and a classic Thai chocolate touch. They can be somewhat unrefined by modern standards but for Thai lovers this is the real deal. The flowering response is not strong – like all Thai plants – and when flowering indoors or with light deprivation techniques it can be 2 months before you see  any flowers. Using an 11/13 light/dark regime can help. Outdoors the plants will finish in late December.

The effects of the two original Thai plants could not really be different. The Meao is very strong and has a cold, physical and caffeinated effect, like a caffeine drink. The Koh Chang is a warm, vibrant and euphoric sativa. Not as strong or resinous as the Meao but with a first class effect. Together the balance is perfect – strong cold steel meets a warm fluffy hug. Strong, clear, euphoric and uplifting effects that really can’t be beaten.

Our reproduction is perfectly balanced between the two Thais and is now at F3. For breeders your selections should prove relatively stable in hybrids and for Thai lovers wishing to experience all of the classic Thai tastes and effects this plant is a gem. Very sexually stable for a pure Thai line.