Genetics:  Pure 100% sativa landrace
Location: Darjeeling district, West Bengal, India
Sourcing: Private collector
Latitude: 27° N
Elevation: 800 metres
Height: up to 3 metres in natural outdoor environment
Vegetative:  15 to 18 weeks
Flowering: 12 to 16 weeks
Harvest: December
Aroma: subtle rose, tangerine, pine
Taste: woody, very subtle fruity and sweet
Effect: very clean, energizing, psychoactive
Characteristics: high yielder, vigorous plants, drought and mold resistant
Grow type: Outdoor, greenhouse

100% Sativa genetics, with a height of up to three metres. Very large plants showing an imposing structure which can support conspicuous yields This is a very resistant genetic line growing very fast, resistant to humidity and to extreme drought conditions, it is a beautiful breeding tool. It would bring these characteristics into the growth, that is, resistance to mold and great strength in growing.

Something very peculiar  about this line is the size of its seeds, very very small and thin, the smallest and finest we have ever encountered and that we keep in our collection. To give you an idea of how tiny these seeds are: consider putting three fine sugar grains together. This would equal to the size of one Kalimpong seed!

Since the very beginning they show very thin and long leaves between 5 to 7 leaflets, the stem is thick and resistant with intermodal spaces of 7 to 10 centimetres. The branches are thin but resistant to support its flowers.

The vegetative stage goes from 15 to 18 weeks showing a beautiful intense green foliage scattered between its branches holding, overall, a symmetry in its structure. Some plants display a conical shape while others grow but developing few branches thus acquiring a tower structure.

Its flowering stage goes from 12 to 16 weeks, during which time it develops floral bracts with a very soft and subtle aroma of rose and tangerine. The calyxes are scattered and with loose floral clusters and surrounded by thin leaves.

The resin glands are thin and small, the chalices are pointed and swollen despite the tiny size of their seeds. The stigmas are medium-sized and the in the males the stipules can be taken for the stigmata of the females thinking that we are in front of an hermaphroditic expression, likewise in the females, the stipules grow quite a lot.

The taste on the palate of these flowers is woody, very subtle fruity and sweet. It has an energetic psychoactive effect, very clean with zero traces of heaviness, it is very good if you want to enjoy a day with a lot of movement providing that you centre and focus yourself on what you are doing. Its effect will leave you without you realizing it.

We advise giving a minimum of 6 months of good cure to enjoy all the magic of this genetic line.