AOF (Aunt of Faouk)

Genetics: Heirloom Pakistani Hashplant
Purpose: Charas (sieved)
Height: 1 – 1,50 metres
Flowering indoor: 8-10 weeks (+/- 67 days)
Harvest: October in Pakistan (outdoor)
Effects: Very potent,narcotic,body high,mellow,dreamy
Smell: Berries,hashy,fuel,savory,sweet,earthy,coffee,minty,spicy,pine,burnt rubber
Flavour: Earthy, hashy,savory, sweet, spicy,chocolatey
Characteristics: Very resinous plant, broad leafeted, purple phenos
Grow type: Outdoor, indoor, greenhouse


Aunt of Farouk, or AOF, or Wild Pakistan.

These seeds were collected by my friend since the 70’s “Farouk” at his aunt and uncle’s place near the indian and kashmir border. Farouks family use these plants for hashmaking (sifting) and have been doing it with this strain for many years. AOF has mainly short broad leaf phenotypes with not many branches (80-100cm) but there are a few sativa influenced phenotypes that will grow taller with more branches (100-150cm).

The smaller phenotype make dense buds with lots of trichomes and
a fuely/earthy/coffie/hashy odor. Some will get redish in the end of flowering (9-10 weeks) The more strechy normally has longer buds with a bit more lose structure.
Berry to the bone some has called this pheno due to the strong berry smell when flowering. Heavy trichome production even on the top fanleaves. The effect,
when grown to perfection, is very stoned and relaxing, with some pain relief.

These seeds are always made in an open pollination set-up, with several males and females used as they are in Pakistan. Expect to see many thricomes and a heavy hash smell. Very sticky like glue when touched. These seeds were made possible thanks to the dedicated work of DergCorra Collective who saved this line and spread it around.

Comment from a grower: ” Smoking the Aunt of Farouk plant for the first time, marijuana of the highest quality. I’d enter this bud into any competition and take first place. The flavour is incredible, hard to describe but it has a savory sweet spicy hash flavour matches the aroma perfectly. The buzz is like a narcotic, all pain is gone and a smile on my face”.


My finished AUNT OF FAROUK  is certainly a lovely old school Pakistani Indica hashplant. She is LOADED with resin. In a joint, she burns like air. It’s a very easy smoke with no coughing. Flavour is chocolatey spicy hash. Again, lovely. High is felt immediately with warmth behind the eyes. You feel mellow and pleasant without tiring or getting stoned. She’s dreamy. Lovely strain. Hope the other seeds of it i have will be similar!


From the third pair of true leaves, it is obvious that these are highly potent plants. They give off a very intense smell. The growth is initially not very vigorous. We suggest to transplant them directly into the final container if you’re using one. Also, use very little fertilizers and always keep them to the minimum and with care. They like the organic fertilizers.

The growth accelerates after reaching a certain size. There are phenotypes that do not branch much. Some plants have the shape of a candlestick with multiple buds. Because they have a short internodal distance, the plants are compact. The leaves are large and the leaflets short and wide, very dark green and red petioles.

In 15 liter pots, the trained plants reached a height of 45 centimeters and about the same width. They created quite a lot more branches with many buds. The plants in the 8 liter pots reached 40 centimeters and did not branch at all and formed a very large bud. These plants had the most trichomes and the darkest leaves.
The dark buds are completely covered with trichomes, as if frost had formed on them. Buds are sticky and heavy with large calyxes. The aroma is of intense sweetness, berries, hash, mint, chemical and one pheno smelling sour and pine. In the last two weeks of flowering there was a relatively large enlargement of the buds.


AOF is very resinous and the effect is very strong, acting more on the body, probably due to the high CBD content.
The aroma is sweet and sour with a mix of spices, berries and gum. The taste lingers on the tongue for a long time, it is soft and pleasant.

The effect is intense, induces a feeling of lightness on the body, tends to continuously create a smile on the face.
You feel energy and excitement but your body wants to lie down. It causes a feeling of dreaming and a dimming of the perception of surrounding sensations. This is real medicine. Suitable for insomnia and against pain.


This morning I’m having a real medical morning due to the weather, cold and snowy, all my bones hurt. So I thought it would be a good day to do nothing, I’m having a heavy smoke, Aunt of Farouk. I’m pairing this with a delicious Brazilian Cerrado coffee.The AOF has been curing for three months or so and has a thick hashish flavor with a touch of chocolate chip cookie dough that hangs on your tongue and with a sip of coffee is truly heaven.
I can feel the warmth settling in and a cozy feeling of contentment coming over me. All I have to do now is watch the snow fall and dream of Maui