Genetics: (PTK x DEEP CHUNK) x PAKISTAN 1975
Type:  Indica cross
Purpose: hash
Height:  80 – 100 cm
Veg:  50-60 days weeks
Flowering: 50-55 days
Aromas:  tangerines,lulo,sweet kiwis
Effects: long-lasting ,meditative,calm, relaxed
Phenotypes: 3
Yield:  medium-high
Characteristics:  early plants,reddish-purple buds and leaves,very resinous
Grow type: outdoor,indoors,greenhouse


This cross is made up of 2 legendary classic Pakistani lines (PTK and Pakistan1975) and a beautiful and resinous Indica from Afghanistan (Deep Chunk). They have come together in this cross to bring the best  out of each one, since it is worth not letting these beautiful and interesting profiles lose; That is why we have dedicated ourselves to selecting the best of these three jewels for their great qualities, terpenes, resistance and abundant way of producing resin.

The PTK (Pine Tar Kush) is an exceptional, beautiful and resinous Pakistani plant with very wide, sharp, serrated leaves with 5 and 7 leaflets, thick stems and pleasant aromas of apple and mandarins. The other Pakistan is the Pakistan 1975 and we have selected an early, resinous and  colourful plant.  The Deep Chunk from Afghanistan is also very resinous with pleasant and strong solvent aromas.

We took the most vigorous male from the PTK x Deep Chunk cross that is characterized by its intense purple colour. The female used is from our favourites, the Pakistan 1975, for the perfect symmetry, the resinous and colorful red and purple leaves,flowers and buds, the potency  and the pleasant aromas of lulo (Solanum quitoense) and sweet kiwis.

The (PTK X DEEP CHUNCK) X PAKISTÁN 1975 has a vegetative stage of 50 to 60 days with exuberant dark green foliage and broad, heavily serrated leaves. The flowering takes between 50 to 55 days, large producing buds with abundant resin,  reddish-purple tones and black abundant resin with aromas of tangerines and lulo (Solanum quitoense), very fragrant and potent  with a long-lasting ,meditative,calm and relaxed  effect without causing drowsiness. The flavor when sampled is fruity and long-lasting.

In this generation we have observed 3 marked phenotypes, all of them are characterized by the way they produce resin. These plants have been  cultivated up to 1700 metres above sea level