Genetics: Polyhybrid (Thai,Mexico,Colombia,India)
Height 150 to 2.5 metres (or more in optimum onditions)
Vegetative: 14 – 16 weeks
Flowering:  16 – 18 weeks
Aromas: Sweet plums,verbena,incense,sweet lemon
Flavor: Fruity,incense,sweet lemon
Yield: medium – high
Effects: Psychoactive, powerful, long-lasting, no ceiling
Phenotypes: 5
Characteristics: Real old school sativa smoke,high resistance to botrytis,powdery mildew and humidity.
Cultivation:  From 0 to 2200 metres (7000 feet) above sea level


This is the authentic, genuine,old-school sativa. Very fine, very potent, long lasting and inspiring. In one word: perfect. It is a supremely intoxicating smoke that will never go out of style. This Haze is authentic without selection. We have tried to keep it intact with the greatest and widest possible diversity.

It is a stylized Sativa with different phenotypes that vary from beautiful lilac, green, bluish and red colours. The plants exhibit  extremely fine leaves (thin leaflets) and loose buds with large pointed and resinous calyxes, forming beautiful colas full of loose and resinous flowers with medium internodal spaces and conic structure;.

Expect very potent psychoactive effects without ceiling. Aromas of sweet plums, verbena and incense with flavours of mixed fruits, incense and sweet wild lemons. Some grow in irregular shapes where the lower branches compete to reach the main apical bud but it is something they never achieve and the central bud will always be imposing.

These plants are very special in every aspect: resistance to pests, fungi, powdery mildew. to the botrytis to extreme conditions such as  cold, heat, humidity and strong winds.
This is a line that we have preserved and we can say that it is a great Warrior Sativa worthy of being at the height of the most special in our collection. This is also a beautiful choice if you want to create a new variety or simply used in projects since the resistance these plants provide in all aspects will be noticeable and will give excellent results and exceptional plants.

Let’s not let this HAZE be lost and overshadowed by the new cannabis varieties that are of identical redundant profiles with dull, flat and uninteresting  effects. This line is like drinking the best coffee.