Genetics:  Koster (S. Africa)
Source: via TLT member
Latitude: 25° S
Elevation: 0 – 1700 m.a.s.l.
Veg:  12 – 15 weeks
Flower:  12 – 14 weeks
Height:  180 – 200 cm
Phenotypes:  4
Effect: potent, euphoric, motivating, energetic, very psychoactive, lysergic
Aromas: mint, anise, wood, sweet oranges
Taste: woody, minty
Yield: medium
Characteristics: high humidity resistant, high thc content
Grow type: outdoors, greenhouse, indoor


Some local people from the north in Koster kept this line for decades in an intact and perfect way protecting as much diversity as possible, nowadays growing cannabis in S.Africa is very difficult, commercial hybrid lines are usually susceptible to humidity. The Koster  is a perfect variety because it is resistant to pests and humidity.

Fast, short-flowering sativa, aromas of orange, wood, mint and anise. Medium-high stature with good growth, vigour,  resin production and high resistance to climates with high humidity.

Vegetative stage from 12 weeks to 15 weeks for the longest phenotypes. Abundant foliage with conical structures, we have found 4 different phenotypes, one of them forms a main apical tower that stands out, medium internodal spaces that become very short as it grows and especially in the main apical bud the internodal spaces become minimal; this makes the plant able to support a beautiful producing bloom with 12 weeks to  14 weeks.

Light green buds with large calyxes with a medium production with pleasant aromas of mint, anise, wood and a subtle hint of sweet oranges. The flavor of the Koster is woody with traces of mint when smoking that last for a few seconds in your palate.

Powerful, euphoric, very psychoactive effect, becoming lysergic for some people. High thc content, motivating, energetic, reaches heights of up to 180 cm and 2 meters in height. These plants have been cultivated from 0 meters above sea level to 1700 meters


Densest colas look like horse dicks (and probably smell like them too, if they ate a lot of oranges). She’s a beauty, a real stinker,a heavy yielder, and adaptive and resistant as can be against humidity and bright heat. Top performer, against Golden Tiger, Kerala, and other sativa known for their resistance, including a strain of my own!