Genetics: Pure KwaZulu Landrace
Sourced: Directly from the hills of the Midlands KwaZulu Natal
Elevation: 1400 m.a.s.l.
Latitude: 29°S
Height: Up to 5 meters outdoors in S.Africa
Sowing season: September to early October in South Africa
Regional harvest: Between April and May
Flowering: 18 weeks in outdoor to fully mature
Aromas: pine, pepper, passion fruit in some phenos
Taste: earthy, pepper
Effects:  giggling, long lasting, calm euphoria
Phenotypes: 2
Yield: extremely high (outdoor)
Traditional use:  Locals use this strain for its energetic properties and pain relief.
Characteristics: Christmas tree structure, highly euphoric, long lasting energizing high.
Grow type: Outdoor, greenhouse, indoors (requires space and experience)


This strain has got an interesting history behind it, dating back to before the invasion of the English. Locals use this strain for its energetic properties and pain relief.

The KwaZulu landrace is an interesting strain  being used in the Zulu tribe under the King Shaka Zulu. These plants boast a THC reading of 17%. This strain is found from Cato Ridge to the Drakensberg Ridge mountain range. In the these plants natural environment they get to an insane size of 5 meters with a Christmas tree structure. The weather from the region during the veg. months is 28 – 32 Celsius and 86% relative humidity while during winter mnths when flowering happens temperatures drop from 24 down to 8 Celsius and relative humidity is around 60%

This strain is pest resistant as well as resilient to powdery mildew in high humidity regions. The effects when samples are of high euphoria with a long lasting energizing high. Most of the plants have a Christmas tree structure.
Most of the plants easily reach heights of up to 5 metres in their natural outdoor environment.
Pine and pepper are the most common terpenes to be found in this strain, however a pheno smelling of passion fruit has been also found in these plants.

This strain does not taste the best even after a cure but the kick after a few tokes leaves you forgetting about the taste and giggling like it’s your first high. The effect i slong lasting and slows down into a calm euphoria.
Outdoor and greenhouse work best for this strain, the stretch during pre-flower can quickly become out of control!

From Love of Landrace