Genetics: domesticate from Buscalan, Kalinga
Latitude:  17°N
Elevation: 1400 – 1700 m.a.s.l.
Yield: Medium
Height: 2.5 metres
Veg: 10 – 16 weeks
Flower:  10-15 weeks max
Aromas: lemons, sweet solvent, green guavas
Flavour: citrus and sweet
Phenotypes:  7
Effects: Clear cerebral high,no ceiling,no come down,euphoric,psychoactive,positive,uplifting,creative,long lasting
Characteristics: fast and vigorous growth
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor


Philippines sativa line of large size and thin, fine and resinous flowers with thin irregular structures similar to spikes. Purple and reddish stems, scattered flowers in some phenotypes. Intense aromas of lemon and sweet solvent, green guavas. Violeta Kalinga is one of the most stylish sativas of The Landrace Team, it is also a very resinous variety with fragrant aromas to the throat and long-lasting powerful, very high and psychoactive effect.

Vegetative stage from 10 to 16 weeks. We have observed 7 phenotypes so far, all very special with a beautiful vegetative vigour and exuberant energy from the moment it sprouts until it finishes.
It has thin and serrated leaves of a light green colour in the majority of plants and some of an intense green colour characterizing the stylized and serrated leaves. The petioles are green, red and purple, green and light violet undersides with red veining. The plants reach a height of up to 250 cm in optimal conditions. The flowering of the Violeta Kalinga is short which makes it also very special, from 10 to 15 and 16 weeks maximum.

The production is medium, which is compensated by the resinous flowers of large and swollen calyxes.
The floral structures in some phenotypes are irregular with wheat-shaped flowers, others are more symmetrical, with green colours and a very soft lilac phenotype. Intense aromas of lemon, green guavas and sweet solvent. Fragrant citrus and sweet flavour. Very high, energetic and  long-lasting psychoactive effect.


Flowers have Pine-sol smell, like citrus lemon lime cleaner. Sharp to the nose. Clear cerebral high no ceiling, no come down. Euphoric, psychoactive, positive, uplifting, creative.