Genetics: Pure Sinai Landrace
Sourcing: The Landrace Team 2018
Purpose: Hashish or bud
Latitude: 29° N
Vegetative:  Indica phenos 8-10 weeks // Sativa phenos:  max 12 weeks
Flowering:  Indica phenos 7-8 weeks // Sativa phenos: max 12 weeks
Regional Harvest: September (two harvest per year in Sinai. The other month is May)
Height: Indica expressions up to 1,50 metres. Sativa expressions up to 2 metres.
Aroma: Grapes, floral, very sweet wild blackberries and sweet cheese, roses
Taste: rose, grape, incense
Effect: Meditative, feelings of gratefulness and harmony, blissful
Characteristics: Indica/Sativa expressions. Red/purple stems/petioles. Unique terpenes

Genetics with sativa and indica expressions. it is a perfect fusion, an even balance between indica and sativa, these plants are real jewels to behold.The indica phenotypes are of more compact flowers, they maintain close and moderately narrow leaves, their vegetative stage for the most indica phenotypes goes between  8 to 10 weeks reaching up to 80cm to 130cm.The most sativa phenotypes of 12 weeks maximum reach a height of up to two meters: There really is not much difference in time to grow, which is very noticeable between indica and sativa in its structure, both in elongated conical shape for sativas  (more airy and elongated buds) and compact conical and robust for the indicas;

The stems of some is scarlet red and purple as are the petioles. The internodal spaces for the indica go from 4 to 6 cm and for the Sativas it is up to 10 or 12 cm. Its leaves are beautiful taking shades at the end of the flowering from yellow, orange, purple and black, it really is a sight for the eyes to see these beautiful ladies. The flowering stage goes from 7-8 weeks up to 12 weeks maximum for the most sativas. These are characterized by having a more pointed and airy calyx, the two expressions and the phenotypes that are within this genetic line resonate in the same way preserving a peculiar smell of grapes and  very sweet floral  that notoriously varies the intensity of the fragrance that emanates throughout the day.Its effect is meditative and feelings of gratefulness. It is a very special plant if you want to experience calm and in harmony. Intense floral taste on the palate even so the profile of terpene and flavonoid cannabinoids is very similar for all phenotypes.

A grower report: “Very unique meditative smoke, tastes like rose grape incense. Early flowering and finishing, very smooth smoke even though I didn’t grow or cure it right.”