Genetics: Madagascar South(from the S.W.)
Sourced:  via member of TLT
Latitude: 20° S
Elevation: 1000 – 2100 m.a.s.l.
Veg:  12-14 weeks
Flower:  11-14 weeks
Height: up to 220 cm
Aromas: pine, wood, fruity, ice cream, incense
Phenotypes: 2
Effects: powerful, cheerful, soaring, long lasting
Yield: medium high
Characteristics: fast flowering, violet phenos, highly resistant to moisture, pests and fungi
Flavour: woody, burnt grass, sweet, intense and durable
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor


Currently in Madagascar, several hybrid cannabis genetics are cultivated with very short vegetative and flowering stage between 7 and 8 weeks, some local people from Malgapache, the provinces of the North of Mahajanga and Antsiranana as well as South Toliara and Fianarantsoa where  Cannabis with excellent qualities grow,  have decided to choose to cultivate these modern hybrids since it brings  more money in a short time. Local communities manage to harvest up to three crops in a year.  It is sad to see how the pure varieties from  Madagascar,  with the passing of  time have been lost, but since the last decade they have been lost at higher speed.

For The Landrace Team it is matter of pride to preserve these pure sativas from Madagascar, we have decided to release release this genetics for all the lovers of rare and unique sativas  with spectacular organoleptic qualities, beautiful, resinous and short periods of flowering these plants are.

The sativas from  Madagascar are characterized by being rapid, powerful  and resinous producers with pine aromas, wood, fruits, incense and classic ice cream, a phenotype with sweet turpentine smell and with some purple tones has been also found.

Vegetative stage from 12 and 14 weeks with abundant foliage and with lime green  of 7 leaflets mostly, some with 9 leaflets, conical structures of Christmas trees, medium-sized internodal spaces, both in the main stem and in its branches . They reach  a height of between  140 and 170 cm during vegetative.

When starting and entering the flowering stage the plants take a “broken” form in its main stem as in “irregular” and the branches lose their symmetry maintaining its conical shape. This growth, at the end, allows the plants to obtain,  with this way of growing,  a thicker/denser  and more elongated main apical cola that exceeds 50 cm.

Flowering goes from 11 to  14 weeks, time taken to fill all these tips of a large loose resinous flower with a pleasant pine aroma, wood, fruits and classic ice cream. A phenotype smells sweet. The effects are powerful, cheerful, long-lasting active effect. There is a phenotype that in the last stage of flowering shows violet colors, these plants are highly resistant to moisture pests and fungi;  the main flavours are of wood, sweet, burnt grass, all Intense and durable.