Genetics: Old school Pakistani Landrace from the 80’s
Sourcing: Introduced to NorCal by Tom Hill
Aromas: Pine, earth, wood, green apple, citrus, cream, floor wax, sweet
Effects: Calming but not narcotic
Flowering: 7-8 weeks in natural outdoor environment
Characteristics: Very resinous. Big leaves and thick stems.
Grow type: Outdoor, indoor, greenhouse

Also going by the name of PTK. This is a pure Pakistani line from the 80’s introduced in the North of California through the world famous Tom Hill. This plant is recognized to be an old school Pakistani plant for its aroma and its way of forming the resin.

This line surprises us in its vegetative stage for the thickness of its stems and the width of its three and five folioles in most cases. During its vegetative stage it forms few side branches and the intermodal spaces are short. The colour of these plants is of a light yellowish olive and some other plants display a darker type of green. The darker plants are thicker and bigger.

During this vegetative stage which lasts between six and eight weeks,  it forms an abundant and lush foliage. The flowering cycle lasts between seven and eight weeks. During the flowering cycle it forms thick and resinous floral clusters, some showing resin up to their outer leaves . Its calyxes are big and are one close to another forming beautiful rock-hard nugs that emanate a smell of earth, wood, pine, green apple and citrusy cream.

The effect that you will get is calming without being narcotic. It has a long lasting sweet and creamy taste on the palate.