Our Koh Chang x Meao pure Thai F1 is now a few generations down and is very stable. Due to this, the Thai x Jamaican acts exactly like a pure F1 hybrid between two of the best pure tropical Landraces you can find. Thai and Jamaican! A robust, aromatic, resinous and good yielding Koh Chang Meao mother ( with typical Thai flavours of chocolate, toffee, floral, woody, slightly fruity and slightly spicy) was crossed with the best framed pure Jamaican (Long Time Weed) father (from a more tropical phenotype) to produce F1 seeds of the very highest order.

The idea behind the cross was not to produce a more marketable or easier to grow plant but to see if it is possible to create the World’s best Tropical Sativa Hybrid. We think that this cross has those possibilities. There are 2 main Thai phenotypes, one slightly more robust and with typical Thai aromas and flavours and the other more tropical in its feel (far more floral and no woodiness); stretchier and with more floral flavours. Flavours of toffee, candy, herby.
The pure Jamaican is similar – there are 2 real phenotypes, with one being a little more robust but with ‘woodier’ sativa flavours and the other a little stretchier and longer to finish but with a glorious fruity aroma and without any woodiness at all.

We have chosen a robust Thai mother with a more tropical Jamaican father. This way the phenotype mix should be similar – more typical pure sativas with woodier flavours and more tropical type plants with far more refined terpene profiles (fruity, floral and mind-blowing, to be honest..)
Both parents, in their own rights, produce outstanding sativa plants but flowering times and ease of growth can be a problem for the less experienced growers. Hybrid vigour should help to conjure up tropical sativas of infinite potential. The yields, aromas, resin and flowering times could be better than you can find using either parent pure and the characteristics will be unique.

There will be more typical type Thai and Jamaican plants (with anything in between the two great parents a possibility) but if you wish to search for something really ’special’ in terms of aromas, flavours and highs but with perhaps more tropical, less robust growing traits (only slightly, though – both the Thai and Jamaican parents have surprisingly high yields when grown properly and are stable) you can find those here too.

It is early days for this extra special creation and we are yet to fully identify all of the possibilities held within these seeds (send us your photos and experiences with them!) but our faith in this cross is unshakeable.
Make no mistake – this TLT creation has all the possibilities for some of the most electrifying and glorious pure tropical sativa you will ever grow or smoke. Get ready to soar into the stratosphere!



The Thai phenotypes have real old-school Thai aromas and many different Thai aromas pop up. The Jamaican ones are beautiful to look at and smell acidic-fruity, like tropical fruits or sometimes floral.

They all have a similar shape of frame, leaning one way or another according to phenotype but they all start a bit quicker than either parent and so the plants are a bit more manageable.

It is really nice to have so many phenotypes pop up. It makes the grow so interesting and whichever way you go, it is a bit easier and quicker, too. You can come across some really beautiful and vigorous males which are begging to be used in a breeding project. Great yields. Pure sativa. ‘Ganja’ weed. Old-School. High as a kite. Aromas and flavours of joy. Untouched by modern genetics. What’s not to love?