Genetics: Moldovan Semi Auto-flowering Sativa
Latitude: 47 ° N
Cultivation: May – October
Harvest: September to early October.
Plant height: 1.5 to 3 meters
Aromas: exotic floral, hashy, piney, citrus
Effects: clear, mellow high
Characteristics: Drought resistant, very viable, early/fast flowering, CBD. Occurrence of dark purple phenotypes.


In general, it is an early flowering wild sativa, which is perfectly adapted to the Moldovan climate. It is a flat area with a mild climate with relatively dry summers and rich black soil.

The plants come from the fertile plains around the city of Chisnau and this cannabis also penetrates into the city and settles on undisturbed areas, especially along roads. However, most plants grow further away from the city where they grow mainly in the vicinity of water courses, along forests, roads and water bodies. They form massive vegetation in these areas.

Shrubs reach a height of 1.5 to 3 meters, characterized by long branches and narrow long leaflets. The appearance of a Christmas tree is not to be ruled out. The scent of plants is very pleasant, difficult to describe in words, but the scent is very present and is relatively exotic.

The vegetative phase is very fast. Flowering begins somewhere in June to July and ends in September or early October.

Rarely, due to the favorable climate, there is a phenotype that has a relatively high level of THC. The effect of this phenotype is guaranteed to be clear, as if from pure sativa. Plants give off a lot of resin and are therefore very sticky. Some plants that are one hundred per cent ripe may even have a hash aroma.

There are also phenotypes that take on a purple leaf colour at low temperatures at the end of September or beginning of October.

These plants are very undemanding and can grow with little or no care at all. They can face the unfavorable dry continental climate. Excessive fertilization is not recommended for these plants.

This cannabis is ideal for crossing with tropical long-flowering sativas while obtaining equally pure but much earlier and faster flowering sativas.