Genetics:  Congo Pointe Noire (Republic of the Congo) 
District: Bouenza district
Latitude: 4°N
Elevation: 168 m.a.s.l.
Sourcing: locally sourced
Harvest season: all year round
Yield: around 450 grams per plants grown outdoor
Vegetative: 14-16 weeks
Flowering: 14-16 weeks and more
Height:  2-3 metres
Aromas: Lime, spicy, floral, sandalwood
Effects: Highly euphoric. Clean and long lasting head high. Strong cerebral. Little psychedelic
Characteristics: wild looking and vigorous plants. Some with red stalks
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoors


Congo Point Noire is a very special landrace grown in the district of Bouenza in the Republic of the Congo. These seeds come directly from the best looking females grown around the district. They have been directly collected from the plants that were looking wild and pure. The plants grow in difficult climatic conditions. Plants are grown in a tropical climate so a lot of rain and strong sun. People don’t follow particularly a month for sowing as there is a 12/12 photoperiod all year round. In the Republic of the Congo there are three seasons of rain so farmers just wait for the plants that look ready.

Over a period of 5 years and a lot of weed sampling this is the best Congo Point Noire available. These seeds come directly from the man who grows the “plantation”.
The method is simple and straightforward. Seeds are sown manually and directly in the soil. There is no human intervention in terms of fertilizers or fertilization. Seeds are left to sprout and plants are left on their own to do their own thing.The tropical climate allows plants to grow wild and without being watered. No special techniques are used. Plants are left in the hands of mother nature

The effects experienced when sampling this herb are of a very high euphoria with a very long and clean head high bordering the psychedelic.  The first and most noticeable characteristic of these plants are that of looking wild plants with great vigour in their natural environment in the Republic of the Congo. Some plants show red tinges on the stalks and also brown almost black pistils. These seeds have been collected from the best plants, that is, those giving off the best and most potent effects.


This plant is so elegant with its long lacey leaves, as it dances in the breeze…. after multiple days of heavy rain and wind, there is zero mold and no broken branches (but we have supported her with a lot of organic hemp twine, cause those branches are long and getting heavy with flower!). This plant is about 10-12 feet tall, and about 8 feet wide.The flowers are young, but they are starting to smell a bit like grapes mixed with the traditional African sativa floral spice. A bit deeper and richer aroma than some of the super bright other African varieties. Majestic, elegant, but with a fierceness. Really loving this variety as a living growing plant. Can’t wait to harvest and sample! (and curious to lab test the cannabinoid and terpene profile – good possibility of THCV and CBC)