Genetics: Northern Thai Landrace
Latitude: 19° N
Height: Up to 4 metres in outdoors
Harvest: Throughout December in Thailand
Characteristics: Clear purple and red phenotypes during flowering, tall
Effects: active, energetic, expanding  and motivating


Collected at an elevation of 2000 metres above sea level in the province of Mae Hong Song Thai Mountain is a plant of great vigour, exuberant foliage, thick stems, and special flowering. Its vegetative stage goes from 14 weeks to 18 weeks, it reaches from 1.50 metres to 4 metres in its natural outdoor environment. Its structure is conical, serrated and giant leaves of 1,3, 5, 7 and 9 leaflets, its seeds are large and usually the colour of these goes between hues of cream and gray. The internodal spaces are wide, others have medium intermodal spaces, some develop their first pair of branches when they are between 50 cm -70 cm tall. Their branches are very strong and hard, the spaces between buds is distant in those with more slender structure. It is resistant to extreme conditions such as lack of water and excess of water, resistant to pests and fungi. Its flowering ranges from 11 weeks to 16 weeks some phenotypes of long flowering; its floral structure in some plants is spiked and in others is larger and somewhat harder, more compact but also airy. Some phenotypes show a clear hue of clear purple at the end of their flowering, some with red tones. Their calyxes are big and pointed  with beautiful resin that emanates aromas of lime, sweets, others emanate carrot scents  with a very subtle touch of mint. Its pistils are very small. Its effect is active, energetic and motivating. It is ideal for the day.